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  • The Top 10 Telecom Companies worldwide are ranked as follows (http://www.resultupdate.com/8906-top-10-telecommunication-companies-in-the-world-2011/):
    • #1 China Mobile - The Chinese Company that has a huge Network of Voice and Multimedia Services. In Pakistan China Mobile is operating under the name of Zong Gsm.
    • #2 Vodafone - The British origin multi-national company has a large market share of subscribers and is ranked at the second spot due to the revenue generated and quality of services.
    • #3 Telefonica - The Spanish multi-national company that owns the O2 famous brand. Telefonica has large customer base and provides fixed line and mobile communication services to its subscribers.
    • #4 Ufone Gsm - The Pakistani company that has shown great innovation in terms of brand marketing and quality of services offered. Although the political turmoil, recession and other factors are hindering the way towards progress but yet Ufone Gsm has exhibited some extra ordinary performance.
    • #5 AT&T - The famous American US Based Telecom Operator.
    • #6 Telenor - The Norwegian Giant Mobile Service Providing Company that is very famous in Pakistan for its Brands Telenor TalkShawk and Djuice.
    • #7 TeliaSonera - The Company that is from Finland and Sweden has progressed to rank at the seventh spot. The Company is also active in Europe and has a reasonable customer base.
    • #8 Deutsche Telecom AG - The largest Telecommunication service providing company in Europe that originates from Germany.
    • #9 China Unicom - China Unicom is another Company from china that has a large number of Mobile Subscribers.
    • #10 France Telecom SA - One of the leading Telecommunication service providing companies in the Europe that owns one of the most popular brand name Orange Mobile
  • IBM introduced the fourth generation of the IBM 3592 Enterprise Tape Drive, the IBM TS1140. The TS1140 can hold two millions times more data than the 726 and is designed to provide high levels of performance, reliability, and cartridge capacity.
    IBM TS1140 Tape Drive
  • Argentina´s Claro launch 4G HSPA+ network in the country.
  • Thailand's Truemove-H launch 4G HSPA+ network with nation-wide availability.
  • In January, IBM's Watson computer beats its opponents in a game of Jeopardy
  • February 9th, Metaswitch Networks today announced that Tejas Networks has selected Metaswitch’s MPLS, GMPLS and IP Routing control plane software for use on its Packet Optical and Carrier Ethernet product families.
  • February 10th, the Samsung Galaxy indulge offered by MetroPCS is the first commercially available LTE smartphone.
  • March 17th, HTC ThunderBolt offered by Verizon in the U.S. was the second LTE smartphone to be sold commercially.
  • March 22nd, Verizon Wireless today announced the successful completion of technical trials of 4G LTE IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) powered voice, video and mobile content sharing services using the Ecrio client framework. Verizon Wireless selected Ecrio’s IMS client application framework in 2009, and the product has since been qualified and embedded in a range of mobile devices in preparation for launch across the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.
    Microsoft Skype.jpg
  • April 28th, Lithuania's Omnitel opened LTE 4G network working in 5 biggest cities.
  • May 6th, German carrier Deutsche Telekom announced a 37 per cent drop in first quarter profits compared to the same period last year. The poor showing was mainly due to weak performance of its T-Mobile USA arm, which it is planning to sell to AT&T.
  • May 10th, Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5B
  • July 13th, The FCC votes to change the nation's E911 rules for mobile phones. This change now requires carriers to adopt more stringent handset-based E911 location requirements within eight years. Wireless carriers have historically provided E911 location information by one of two methods: handset-based, where location information is generated by GPS or similar technology installed on a handset, or network-based, where location information is generated by triangulating the caller's wireless signal in relation to nearby cell sites. The FCC said that after an eight-year implementation period in early 2019, it will require all wireless carriers to meet the more stringent location accuracy standards in the handset-based rules.
  • July 21st, Nokia has reported an operating loss of €487 million for the quarter due mostly to the lack of competitive market position against the Apple iPhone. Nokia has been making mobile phones since the mid-1980s. It invented the category in 1996 with the Nokia 9000 Communicator.
  • September, all three Saudi telecom companies STC, Mobily and Zain announced that they will offer 4G LTE for high speed USB sticks for mobile computers, with further development for telephones by 2013.
  • A pretty cool Tangled Family Tree
    A Tangled Family Tree

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