Best Practices for CellStream Instructor Led Training (ILT) Instructors


The following is a list of best practices for all CellStream instructors that teach at Customer facilities:
  1. You are expected to have read, and must follow any instructions and guidelines that may be provided by the customer (for example Cisco provides a document entitled The Training Environment At Cisco).
  2. After the class is complete, you are expected to leave the teaching facility as you found it. This means a few important actions:
    1. Do not leave the classroom until all students have left. There are a few minor exceptions, but most clients have places nearby for students to work.
    2. Ensure all lights are turned off, all systems are logged out, and the projector is turned off or disconnected, packed up and returned to the appropriate individual(s).
    3. Log off the instructor system (if used)
    4. Clean all table tops of trash, beverage containers, name tents, napkins, pens/pencils, etc.
    5. Ensure all tables, chairs and monitors/keyboards/mice are returned to their proper positions
    6. Ensure white boards are erased and marked appropriately with the "Clean/Save" magnetic sign, if used.
    7. Return all books to the appropriate Customer coordinator, or follow their directions on left over books (i.e. leave then on the instructor table)
    8. Lock the door to the room as you leave.
  3. Reporting problems with lab equipment of training facilities: always provide reporting of any/all problems immediately (for example at Cisco, they have a web page for such things:, but usually jotting down the issue and then passing a note to the customer contact is all that is required).
  4. Ensure all students complete the evaluation of the course prior to ending the course. Make sure students are provided correct web links to these.
  5. When you are "on site" be sure to log into whatever "chat" system you use so that students know you are available. When you are teaching – be sure to mark yourself "Do Not Disturb – Teaching" to avoid sametime pop-ups while teaching.
  6. Report the student count, Course Name, Date, Location to before the end of class.
  7. You are required as a matter of policy to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start of class at the location to complete setup, verification of materials, and all preparatory steps necessary for a successful on-time start to class.
  8. Your are required as a matter of process to update the event information of the CellStream calendar with your travel information including hotel, rental car, and air travel. Please see any of the current events (by hovering on the calendar item or selecting it) to see this information. This allows us to easily communicate with our clients and always know where and when we will be places, and how to get in touch with us when we are traveling.
  9. Ensure your travel allows for complete and unrushed completion of class work. We have observed other vendors who terminate class early, or ask students to start early so the instructor can "make the plane" home. This is simply not our way at CellStream. We do not rush, nor change the schedule of class. Instead, it is up to us to plan our travel around the class schedule.


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