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CSI-HO-020-C – Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark – Wireless Edition – 2 Day

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2-Day Instructor Led Hands On Lab Class
Available in Web Based delivery 
Minimum 10 students – Maximum 20 students

Course Description:

Knowing the fundamentals of the Wireshark® application and how to diagnose/troubleshoot packets on the network, with a focus on the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN protocol is vital to anyone who is in the networking field today, whether it be Service Provider level or Enterprise level. This insightful and revealing course has been designed to focus on the packet level analysis of Wireless networking. wireshark wlsed

There are tremendous differences between analyzing traffic over wired and wireless networks. These differences include data security, packet structure, transmission and reception methods, bandwidth optimization, and wireless authentication and authorization, and more. This course dives into the details of Wi-Fi packet capture and analysis. It also explains RadioTap information, which provides insights into channel selection and troubleshooting wireless performance issues. All these topics are covered at both an operational and a practical hands-on level, including student hands-on labs.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of the course are:

  1. Understand the tools and techniques available to analyze wireless networks

  2. Set up a wireless profile and filter wireless captures using Wireshark

  3. Explore how to analyze Wi-Fi packets using Wireshark

  4. Detail the contents of a Wi-Fi packet

  5. Describe how to use Wireshark to analyze and troubleshoot common Wi-Fi operational and implementation problems

  6. Gain technical expertise on wireless packet analysis and how I can better manage that importance in my job function


This course is designed for individuals that require a deeper understanding of Wi-Fi, including network administrators, designers, product developers, network architects, analysts, and technical support personnel. Specific use cases include:

  • Network administrators that need to:
    • Measure performance and plan for future growth
    • Troubleshooting wireless network problems
  • Network security engineers that need to examine and investigate wireless security issues
  • Developers that need to debug protocol implementations
  • IT professionals that need to understand and explore wireless network protocol internals

Course Prerequisites:

This course is designed to appeal to anyone needing the skills and knowledge to use Wireshark in Wireless analysis.  Although this course does not require any specific prerequisites, knowledge of how to use Wireshark and how Wi-Fi works would be beneficial.

All students must attend with a lap-top computer. If the course is held at a classroom where computers are available, the Lap-top computer may not be required.

Class size is limited to 20 students.

Course Materials:

Students will be provided with a PDF Course Student Guide. Access to the lab exercises and Wi-Fi packet captures will be provided via the Online School of Network Science (www.netscionline.com).

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There are several related courses that explore the technical aspects of both today’s and tomorrow’s wireless networks.

Course Outline:

  • Sniffing wireless networks

    • Where to sniff wireless traffic

    • Which layer to sniff

    • What tool to use

    • What you capture

    • Where you should be physically

  • Getting started with Wireshark

    • Lecture and lab: Installing a packet analyzer, Wireshark

    • Lecture and lab: Open and save wireless packet captures

    • Lecture and lab: Creat a custom wireless profile with Wireshark

    • Lecture and lab: Filtering a wireless packet capture in Wireshark

  • Analyzing the 802.11 protocol with Wireshark

    • Lecture and lab: RadioTap physical layer information

    • Lecture and lab: Understanding 802.11 MAC addresses

    • Lecture and lab: Exploring the 802.11 MAC frame control fields

    • Lecture and lab: Dissecting the 802.11 parameter sets to determine AP and client capabilities

  • Analyzing and Troubleshooting Common Wi-Fi Problems

    • Lecture and Lab: Implementing EAP and 802.1X Port Based authentication

    • Lecture and lab: Ensuring the confidentiality of user data

    • Lecture and lab: Implementing 802.11e QoS

Course Availability:

Contact us for schedule dates and times.

View the course calendar and browse for our schedule.


Course Description, Content, Outline, and Instructional Design are Copyright ©CellStream, Inc.


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