Shore up and build solid Ethernet and TCP/IP networking skills

Hands On - In Person - Instructor Led - by Andrew Walding

We hope you enjoyed the 2023 TT&S annual conference this year. It was great to see everyone, and if you attended either the Wi-Fi Security presentation or Andrew Walding's IPv6 presentation, you know there is a lot to learn and master when it comes to supporting various network protocols in your network and in the field. 

We have a great course that is open for enrolment in March, written and taught by Mr. Walding that is focused on . 

Knowing the fundamentals of Layers 1 thru 3 is vital to anyone who is in the networking field today, whether it be Service Provider level or Enterprise level, especially considering the need to support various technologies by Field Operations, Customer Service, and IT departments, both industry newcomers and veterans of your operation will gain a huge knowledge and skill share from attending.

This in-person, insightful and revealing course has been designed to focus on the operational aspects of implementing and maintaining a packet based data networks.

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