Welcome to our news log page.

These are the recent events and happenings at CellStream. The news/announcements are in reverse chronological order (newest at the top of the list).

Everything before 2010 has been removed.

07/11/20 We are proud to announce the availability of our CSR Certification Courses.  You can read more about this new online learning program here.

05/11/20 After a cosiderable re-design, we now have two new 5G courses:  Understanding 5G, a two day class, and Advanced 5G, a one day class.  You can click on either of the titles to read more.  These new classes essentially replace/update our highly rated prior 5G101 and 5G201 classes.

03/01/20 We essentially are suspending all in person classes due to the Coronavirus pandemic for the safety of our consultants/trainers and our students.  While this is a huge impact to our business, we are hopeful our clients and students will take advantage of our online instructor led ZOOM classes.  You can always view the public online instructor led course calendar here.

02/18/20 CellStream proudly announces Mr. Walding CBRS certfied installer certification, and our CBRS services.  You can read more here.

09/30/19 We are proud to announce the availability of our Understanding VXLAN class.  Look here for details.

02/01/19 Two new courses are now available: Hands On Security in WLAN/Wi-Fi Networks and Hands On Security in Ipv4 Networks/Protocols both of which are great courses that will deepen the student's knwoledge of security in todays networks.  Click on either of the titles to read more details.

01/03/29 A fantastic new course is now available targeted at all rural broadband service provider employees - particularly CSR and FSR students.  This new one day class is called Enhancing the Broadband Customer Experience.  Just click the title for more information.

09/12/18 We are proud to present our new two-day Hands On Understanding Wi-Fi 6/6E class. Click the title for more details.

09/12/18 We are extending our Wireshark course portfolio with our new two day Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark - Security Edition.  Just click on the title for more details.

08/30/18 We are proud to announce the availability of our new two day Hands On Advanced IPv6 Security class.  Click the title for more details.

07/16/18 We are proud and pleased to announce our two day Advanced L3 Routing with BGP and OSPF class.  Click the course title for more information.

04/01/18 Both the 4G101 and 4G201 Self Paced Onlne Training courses are available.  Click here to go to the 4G 101 Foundation course.Click here to go to the 4G 201 Advanced course.

03/01/18 The 4hr ZigBee Self Paced Online course is now available.  Click here.

02/15/18 Our 4hr Wireshark 101 Self Paced Online course is now available here!

01/15/18 There are four courses for you self paced online learning students now available:  Data Networking 101, The Basics of Ethernet, IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting, and IPv4 Routing 101.  Just click on any of the names to enrol and pay online using PayPal.

12/31/17 It was a very busy year at the Online School. Here are our numbers: over 90 courses conducted through December, over 850 technicians/engineers attended our courses through that same timeframe.  Thanks to all our students for your commitment to learning, your input, feedback and contributions that always help us to be better!

11/30/17 Began a massive move of our Joomla site to a stand alone server.

08/14/17 Our CellStream and Online School Newsletters are reborn.  You can view the archive here to catch up

05/15/17 Our new one day WLAN Operations for Customer Service Representatives is now available!

04/15/17 Our new 1 day Wireless 5G 101 Foundation course is now available!

03/15/16 We openned our Wireshark Profiles repository!  If you have a Wireshark Profile you would like to add, please send it to us.

12/27/16 We have re-enabled comment using a different commenting system, hopefully this will work to our satisfaction.  We have also enabled search capabilities on key pages throughout the site.

12/23/16 We have completely revised the way you can register for courses, cleaned up the interface and added new public course calendar options from the menus.

11/01/16 Our new Hands-On Wireless LAN Operations & Maintenance course is now available.

04/18/16 Our new Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark Voice Edition course is now available.

03/24/16 Our new Advanced 1 Day Wireshark Hackathon course is now available.

12/15/15  We have been very busy upgrading the Moodle site where we host The Online School of Network Sciences.  The upgrade process led us to a complete revamp of the look and feel.  We hope everyone likes it.

11/23/15 Our new Enabling the IoT: 802.15.4 course is now available.

11/11/15  Our new Enabling the IoT: 802.11p WAVE course is now available. 

10/15/15 The Wiki Site has been updated, retooled and we think adds much better flexibility. Check it out here

09/23/15 Perhaps way overdue, we have changed the template here at the main CellStream site.

01/20/15 We have created and posted a new course at the Online School that dives deep into SDN.  Check it out here.  It is free and open to all.

12/31/14 End of another great year in Networking and a new fresh look to our online school.  The new theme supports phone and tablet viewing!  Check it out at www.netscionline.com

11/15/14 Our Certification Program for Rural Telcos is now ready and open for business!  This is an exciting program to provide affordable learning and certification for field techs, CO techs, and customer service reps.  Learn more here.

09/28/14 We added the CellStream Employment Listings area.  If there are contract/jobs available at CellStream, they will be listed here.

09/28/14 The search capability has been enhanced on the main web site.   It is a little slow, but the output is much better.

09/27/14 We added the TAG CLOUD feature to the site.  This makes it easy to find content based on "tags".  Simply click the work in the Tag cloud and you will be presented with a list of items that match that tag.

05/22/14 Thanks to the silly people around the globe that post illegitimate comments and advertising to stupid web sites, along with the failure of the JComments plug-in to properly filter these people, we have turned the Comments off.  We apologize to all our legitimate users.  Over the past year we banned over 300 IP addresses - not before looking them up, of course.  So disrespectful and immature on the spammers part.  You can still add a comment via the Contact Us page, and we welcome them.

04/03/14 The Network Science Certification Program is accelerating and we have turned up the Initial Network Skills Assessment.  We will be sending out more information on this soon.

10/2/13 We went live with our New Joomla 3.x based site!  Lots of time and work has gone into the process.  We are please with the results so far.  If you note anything that appears broken, let us know.

9/21/13 We are live with the latest version of our Online School!  Now at www.netscionline.com using a newer version of Moodle!

9/15/13 We have gone live with the latest version of vTIGER CRM - very pleased though bugs took a long time to fix!

5/1/13 We launched our Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark Data Center Edition course this week.

4/30/13 We welcome Melissa Henriksen to the team here at CellStream.  Many of you know she has been teaching our Virtualization Technical Briefing for some time now.  We are happy that Melissa has chosen to become even more entrenched in our activities.

3/22/13 It was a great pleasure to work this past week with the Tohono O'Odham Indian Tribe as they migrate their access network to FTTH and a focus on the Internet Protocol.

2/18/13 Once again our Joomla site was hacked.  So sorry to all our customers and users.  It was corrected quickly and once again had to upgrade Joomla.  Open Source is great, but who is testing security?  

2/12/13 An honor this week to work with Great Plains Communications once again as they continue their fiber network expansion in Nebraska.

10/10/12 Thanks to the great people at the Telephone Association of New England for hosting our Wireshark program at Granite State Telephone company this week.

9/2/12 Last week the CellStream Joomla site was hacked.  It was a horrendous experience, causing us many hours of work and the upgrade of our site to the Latest Joomla version. For about 24 hours we were even blacklisted on Google.  The hack was relatively benign (a redirect) but frustrating nonetheless.  We continue to work on the recovery and if there are broken links and so forth, please have patience with us.  Feel free to report anything you see that does not appear to be correct and we will work on it as swiftly as possible.  Thanks for everyone's patience.

07/07/12 The CellStream Intranet Web is now our home page!  We think this makes navigating to key services and information easier and faster.  Enjoy.

06/12/11 Finally added the ability to post comments on our articles.  Feel free to add you input, knowledge and feedback at the bottom of any of our articles.  You can track comments via RSS and much more.  Enjoy!

04/09/11 We would like to welcome Dr. Avril Salter to the CellStream Contractor Team.  We have known Dr. Salter ever since our days with TRA and are thrilled to work with her on several key projects at CellStream.

11/17/10 We just upgraded ProjectFork to version 3.0 and the Joomla CMS to the latest stable version.  All went seamlessly.  Thanks for your patience while the site was down for this upgrade tonight!

09/13/10 We just completed our move of the Internet History and Telecommunications history databases to a new WIKI Farm.  You can access the CellStream WIKI Farm here.

08/15/10  Conversion of information from our public web site to the CellStream Intranet site, and all the proper links are nearing completion.  Please report any issues you may find here.

08/03/10  All our project information at BASECAMP has been moved to this site in our ProjectFork area.  The BASECAMP account is closed.  If you were a client that accessed information on BASECAMP, you received several emails advising project moves and your user information/credentials should work here at the Intranet.  Email andyw@cellstream.com if there are any issues.

07/16/10 The **new** CellStream Intranet site is up and running!  Visitors, Contractors and employees can find access here.

05/12/10 We have removed our Telco Reference Page and created a virtual course out of it.  Feel free to contribute.  You can find this information here.

04/23/10 CellStream is pleased to announce that David Hamblin has joined our consulting and training team!  We are so proud David has joined us!

02/22/10 CellStream implements and rolls out two new web-based apps for employees, contractors and customers: SugarCRM and BASECAMP.

01/05/10  Congratulations to Mr. Walding!  He has just received notification of his 5th Patent in Telecommunications - US Patent #7,634,434.

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