TELECOM101We get this question often:  I am new to Telecom, or I just started at a service provider, and I need to learn Telecom basics - how can I come up to speed?

This is a GREAT question - and the truth is you need to get up to speed.

In years gone by, Telecommunications was fairly straight forward.  The industry used a mentoring approach and most raining hapenned on the job.  Today, telecommunications is very complex and getting more so by the month.  We now deal with not only wireline, but Wireless and difgital data.

Sometimes your company or its telecom association will hold introductory classes to help you get to begin to get your head around the Telecommunications business of voice and the Internet.  CellStream has always offered a class we call "Telecom 101".  We openned the Online School of Network Sciences to help.  And, you no longer have to wait for this class to be held near you!

That's right!!  Let your manager or HR person know that we offer an all online course called Telecom 101!!!  You can find details on our in-person or online version of the class right here.

It is an 8 hour class, that you can take over 30 days, at your own pace.

Some of our client companies have made this class mandatory for all employees!

We urge you to consider it, and look forward to seeing you in class.

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