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Apparently this is a common problem, where on Windows systems you do not see any interfaces:

2020 06 06 12 06 07

There are a couple of things to try:

1. If you are using the npcap driver, sometimes the driver 'service' is stopped by antivirus or Defender or something.

The fix to this is simple: first open a CMD prompt - but make sure you run CMD as Administrator

It should have you at the C:\WINDOWS\system32 prompt:

2020 06 06 12 09 51

OK now issue the following command in that window:

sc query npcap

You will likely find it to be stopped:

2020 06 06 12 12 32

So now turn it on with:

net start npcap

Be patient, it will take about 30 seconds:

2020 06 06 12 15 10

And then hit F5 on your Wireshark application to refresh the interfaces, or restart Wireshark and all should be well:

2020 06 06 12 17 05

2. Try running Wireshark as Administrator.

3. Try re-installing Wireshark (don't worry your personal configs will be saved unless you explicitly remove those as well - I would not do it!).

Let us know what other fixes you find in the comments below.

Hope this helps.

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