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Dr. Dankwardt has been designing, developing, and delivering highly technical training for software engineers and scientists since 19kdankwardt92. He has partnered with such organizations as HP, Sun, SGI, Motorola, and Cisco to provide training for their engineers and/or engineers of their customers.

Kevin is well known in the embedded Linux world and pioneered embedded Linux training in 1999. Since then he has served in a leading education role with such Linux organizations as the Embedded Linux Consortium, the Linux Professional Institute and the Linux Foundation.

Highlights of his experience include:

* Spoken at LinuxWorld and the Embedded Systems Conference numerous times. Including providing lengthy tutorial sessions on Linux topics.
* Organized and led panel discussion of Linux legal and real-time issues at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
* Technical Chair for Embedded Linux Conferences in San Jose, Boston, Washington, D.C., Milan, and Eindhoven.
* Chair of Education Committee and member of platform standard working committee of the Embedded Linux Consortium.
* Contributing Editor for Embedded Linux Journal (subsequently subsumed into Linux Journal)
* Contributing Editor for
* Experienced delivering technical training worldwide. Including having provided training in: about twenty-five of the U.S. states, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Australia.
* Authored papers on a variety of Linux topics such as a series on real-time Linux, a articles on the GPL and Linux issues such as loadable modules, the use of the C keyword volatile, and other Linux related topics.
* Currently writing a blog for the Linux Foundation.

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