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Mr. Thurmaier is a leading developer and facilitator of technical training at the highest and deepest levels of computing with customer-centric focus for companies of all sizes, including Trend Micro, SunSoft, and others, both nationally and internationally. 

Recognized technical expertise in developing and delivering operating system, storage, and networking training ranging from kernel internals and device drivers to installation / configuration / administration. For example, developed and delivered training for the operating system that runs the largest routers the world, and the most prolific routers in the world, and delivered those courses in the US, Canada, India, and Israel for Cisco Systems.

Cultural awareness that brings the most appropriate delivery techniques to any location in the world, as well as curriculum that can be most easily translated when necessary. In addition to the previously mentioned countries, I have also delivered in China, Germany, and South Africa.

Managing new-technology learning and marketing delivery methods such as interactive video with precise animation and voice timing, assimilating and distilling the key technical and marketing details from a 1 day course into 1 hour of aggregate video.

Superior quality products at affordable prices, delivered with professionalism, in a timely manner.


  • Curriculum development and design.
  • Instructor-led technical training.
  • Project management
  • Operating System Internals, Device Drivers, Network Security and Administration on several platforms, including Linux/Unix, Windows, and VMware.

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