Consultant Profiles

Mr. Curtis is a certfied Professional Engineer and has built a solid background in telecommunications consulting and engineering.  samcurtis

Proven leadership skills running a family owned construction/engineering firm.

* Proven design experience. Responsible charge multiple communications projects. 
* Experience as an Engineer, design, configuration and troubleshooting Wireless ISP
Networks, testing and deployment of VoIP services in a all access networks. 
* Hands-On knowledgeable in IP network design, operations and management.

As President of @Link Services LLC, a WISP covering multiple rural towns to provide wireless
broadband services with an OEM approach to building scalable networks, Mr Curtis has honed his skills including design, configuration, installation and maintenance of the
network. 802.11a wireless backhauls and 802.11b wireless customer service
infrastructure using MikroTik Router OS router software. Network backhaul includes
Cisco Routers (12000 series GSR) and Switches

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