Consultant Profiles

David Hamblin has over 25 years experience developing telecommunication and data davehamblin2communications equipment in both technical managerial and individual contributor roles.

His teams have ranged in size from small focus groups to a large international development organization. He and his teams have evaluated and implemented a wide range of technologies including:

- TDM: high order (STS and above), low order (VT), Voice (DS0)
- ATM: VP / VC
- Optical interfaces: OC-48, OC-12, OC-3, OC-192
- Electrical Interfaces: DS3 / EC1
- IP transport aggregation: GigE / FastE, GFP / LAP-S, STS mappings
- IP switching: OSPF, BGP, RIP, best effort, ATM / IP / frame interworking, QoS queuing and switching
- Network Operations Center (NOC) solutions (software and hardware infrastructure)
- Industry specific protocols
- Specialized controller to controller protocols (HDLC, FDDI, etc.)

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