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What's Happening at the Online School!

So many new things have arrived in the first quarter! And we have more coming!!

Our Web-Based Delivery public calendar can be found here.

Thanks to all our students for your commitment to learning, your input, feedback and contributions that always help us to be better!

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Latest in Course Development

We are always busy in developing and evolving our courses.  You can view all our courses and faculty details here

We added a number of new self paced, online courses:

These are pay as you go, simply pay online, and each is approximately 4hrs of training.  All you need is a web browser on any platform - even mobile.

Development continues on our Ansible Hands on Course.  And we are updating our Advanced IPv4 course with additional security content.

As always we are busy updating courses with up-to-date content, and we are busy adding our Intermediate level certification program.  So be sure to stop by the school!


Course Focus: Hands On Wireless LAN Operations course

Making a difference!  That's what this course is about.  Targeting the rural service providers (but certainly not limited to them) this course educates the technical staff of how to make WLAN's really work well, the tools available, and the expertise to fix them.  With over 60% of truck rolls now being related to WLAN's, every provider that has held this course has had an immediate ROI.  Plus with the sister course for CSR's, you can enrich your entire team while improving customer satisfaction.

We had a great recent public instance of this course with the good folks at Tthe Oregon State Telecommunications Association and a second course at Pioneer in Philomath, OR.  Thanks to all who attended!

Congrats to Everyone who Certified!cert star

To those students you received their certifications this past month, CONGRATULATIONS!  It is not easy, and we are so happy for those who have completed their certification.  

If your company is looking for a great certification program that marries data with Wi-Fi, look here for details on the program.  For those working on their certification, keep it up!  We cant wait to see you certify as well and ear your certificate and certification badge! 

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Courses Calendar

Check out upcoming courses on the course calendar - click here! Need a course or have a suggestion?  Let us know here!


New at the Ref-Lib

A number of new things at the Reference Library - we added a reference on IPseca reference on SNORT, a reference on Suricata, and a reference on Git.  Any suggestions for additions, let us know.  Remember you will have to log in, and user accounts are free!  


Wireshark Profiles

Thanks to a student suggestion we started a Wireshark Profile Repository.  Check it out here!  

Earning Badges

Did you know that every time you complete a course here at the school, you earn a badge? Well, if you didn't, you can check it out by doing the following:

  • At the web site, hover your pointer on your name at the top right of the screen.
  • From the drop down menu select badges!
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