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Are you paying more than $1,000 for multiday, hands on Training?

Then you are paying too much!  At CellStream, we offer multi-day hands-on lab classes using your computer/laptop and our state of the art multi-router and/or multi-switch lab systems:

  • We can connect to them from anywhere in the world
  • We leverage the Cloud in our course creation, delivery, and lab experimentation environments.  
  • We use Virtualization technologies to create environmentally friendly lab scenarios
  • We also understand that Instructors also make all the difference when learning technology.
  • Our instructors write and create our courses. These are not shrink-wrapped courses that are taught by someone who has learned the course.
  • Our instructors can explain the "how", and they can answer the "why" questions, because we deeply understand the technology, and in some cases created the technology.

To view our course calendar, find a course, select it, then register and pay for a CellStream course, click here.

High Cost of Wireshark Training

Learning Network Sciences by examining packets is a crucial skill, and Wireshark is the defacto standard.  We have seen multi-day Wireshark Hands On courses costing over $3000 per student!  Our Wireshark courses are even better quality, more skilled instructors, for a third (or less) the price.  Check out our Wireshark resources and Wireshark Courses here.

High Cost of IPv6 Training

According to the NRO (Number Resource Organization) poll of over 1,500 ISPs in 140 countries, 45% reported struggling to find IPv6 knowledgeable staff, and over 50% said the costs were too high! Our Hands On IPv6 course has been completely revamped and is available, Contact Us regarding the course, or view details at the CellStream Courses Listing.

Telecom Italia reported at the November 2011 IPv6 conference that one of their biggest challenges was to get their staff trained on IPv6. Make sure your organization has a plan to train their staff, not just their network engineers on IPv6. You can find IPv6 resources and training classes here.

Value of Training

Companies that have successful training programs outperform the market by more than 45% while companies that do not underperform by 22% - Americam Society for Training and Development

High Cost of Certification

If you are a rural service provider or a small communications centric company, certification costs are through the roof.  We offer a much more affordable solution.  Click here to learn more about what we call Self Certification.

News Log

Welcome to our news page.

These are the recent events and happenings at CellStream. The news/announcements are in reverse chronological order (newest at the top of the list).

05/15/17 Our new one day WLAN Operations for Customer Service Representatives is now available!

04/15/17 Our new 1 day Wireless 5G 101 Foundation course is now available!

03/15/16 We openned our Wireshark Profiles repository!  If you have a Wireshark Profile you would like to add, please send it to us.

12/27/16 We have re-enabled comment using a different commenting system, hopefully this will work to our satisfaction.  We have also enabled search capabilities on key pages throughout the site.

12/23/16 We have completely revised the way you can register for courses, cleaned up the interface and added new public course calendar options from the menus.

11/01/16 Our new Hands-On Wireless LAN Operations & Maintenance course is now available.

04/18/16 Our new Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark Voice Edition course is now available.

03/24/16 Our new Advanced 1 Day Wireshark Hackathon course is now available.

12/15/15  We have been very busy upgrading the Moodle site where we host The Online School of Network Sciences.  The upgrade process led us to a complete revamp of the look and feel.  We hope everyone likes it.

11/23/15 Our new Enabling the IoT: 802.15.4 course is now available.

11/11/15  Our new Enabling the IoT: 802.11p WAVE course is now available. 

10/15/15 The Wiki Site has been updated, retooled and we think adds much better flexibility. Check it out here

09/23/15 Perhaps way overdue, we have changed the template here at the main CellStream site.

01/20/15 We have created and posted a new course at the Online School that dives deep into SDN.  Check it out here.  It is free and open to all.

Read more: News Log

Evolving TDM to IP

Check out the following video:


Telecom History Timeline!

The History of the Internet and of Telecommunications is fascinating, at least we all think so.  Check out our CellStream WIKI farm, where you can browse and search our history projects.



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