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Welcome to CellStream, Inc. - Telecom Consulting and Training!

Welcome to our home on the Internet, where we can not only share information, but also interact with each other. If you are a visitor to the site, there are a number of things to view: our FAQ'sNetworking and Computing Tips, our CellStream Blog, and other fun reading can all be found in the drop down menus above.  The Training menu provides access to our courses, our course calendar, and learning services.  The Consulting Menu provides information on our consulting services and a place to meet our consulting and teaching team.  Registered CellStream folks and our clients will log in using their private credentials to access projects, calendars and discussions.

Thanks for visiting! We always welcome comments and suggestions.


Links17662Sure - go ahead...type your telecom related search into Google, Bing or Yahoo!.  After you get 18,381 results and don't see what you are looking for in the first 12 pages....

We think we have the most comprehensive telecom links page on the NET!  This is the way the original internet search pages worked!!!

The following are hyperlinks to some of the best telecommunications information sources we know of.  We have done our best to categorize them into classifications which make sense to us.  And we do our best to keep the list updated.  Of course, web sites come and go.  Pages move.  If you find an error or something missing, leave us a comment.

Hopefully you will find them useful in your web adventures.



General Telephony


Forums and Specifications

Optical Networking






http://www.3gip.org - The third generation IP wireless project alliance
http://www.3gpp.org - Third Generation Partnership Project alliance
http://www.bluetooth.com - The Bluetooth Special Interest Group
http://www.cdg.org - The CDMA Development Group 
http://www.eurotechnology.com/imode/ - The unofficial i-mode FAQ site
http://www.gsmworld.com - The GSM Association
http://www.gsmdata.com - run by Intel - more details on GSM in general
http://www.locationforum.org - The wireless Location Industry Forum for interoperability
http://www.mcpc-jp.org - The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium
http://www.mobileadvisory.org - The Mobile Advisory Council
http://www.opengroup.com - The web site of the Open Group
http://www.pcca.org - The Portable Computer and Communications Association
http://www.umts-forum.org - UMTS Forum home
http://www.uwcc.org - Home of the Universal Wireless Communications Consortium
http://www.wapforum.org - Wireless Application Protocol Forum
http://www.wardriving.com - Another site on wireless security issues
http://www.wcai.com - Wireless Communications Association
http://www.wirelessdata.org - Technology primers, market index, and covergae maps maintained by the WAP Forum
http://www.wirelessethernet.org - Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
http://www.wlana.org - The Wireless LAN Alliance
http://www.wow-com.com - The Cellular Telecom Industry Association web site
Benton Foundation - Wireless Communications - The Benton Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides access to documents related to national telecommunications issues.
MuniWireless.com : Reports on municipal wireless and broadband projects - This is a good place to start if you need to research options for providing wireless options for your community.
PlanWireless is a newsletter devoted to telling local governments what the wireless industry isnt telling them.
The World of Wireless Communications - Antenna Siting - The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) maintains a Web site which is sponsored by about 100 wireless telecommunications companies.
Scenic America - This national nonprofit membership organization is dedicated to protecting natural beauty and distinctive community character. Their web site has a section devoted to Telecommunications Towers, and they sell some excellent brochures and short publications that can help to educate local elected officials.



http://www.av.ibm.com - The history and evolution of viruses from IBM
http://www.cert.org - Find out about security problems on the Internet here  
http://www.cybercrime.gov - US Government site tracking cyber crimes
http://www.doshelp.com - Information, tips, and data on Denial of Service attacks 
http://www.emergency.com/fbi-nccs.htm - FBI Computer Crime Squad
http://www.f-secure.com - The "Global Palm Virus Information Center"
http://www.hackfix.org - Non-profit organization dedicated to Trojan fixes
http://www.infosecuritymag.com - The magazines' web site - good source of info
http://www.insecure.org - Great scanning tool called Nmap at this web site! 
http://www.isca.com - International Computer Security Association home
http://www.issa.com - The Information Systems Security Association web site 
http://www.ngssoftware.com - David Litchfield's site
http://www.owasp.org - Input filters for Web server applications
http://www.password-crackers.com - News, FAQs, and downloads for password cracking programs
http://www.sans.com - Offers security information and training - the SANS Institute
http://www.sarc.com - Symantec's webs site w/database of all known viruses
http://www.securityfocus.com - Tools and a technically oriented digest in their Bugtraq section
http://www.silicondefense.com - IDS appliance based on SNORT
http://www.snort.org - Home of the free/open source Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
http://www.sourcefire.com - IDS appliance based on SNORT
http://www.trojanscanner.com - Offer free online scanner that probes TCP ports
http://www.vmyths.com - Web site that demystifies the virus threat issues 
http://www.web-police.com - Internet crime fighting organization


Fighting SPAM

http://www.spamhaus.org - The Spamhaus Project tracking products and vendors and efforts to fight SPAM


Telecommunications Training

Consulting and Small Business


General Resources

http://www.56k.com - Dialup vs. broadband comparisons and much more
http://www.arbinet.com - Glocal Clearing House for carrier capacity!
http://www.aplion.com - Some good VPN white papers available here
http://www.asqc.org - American Society for Quality
http://www.bcr.com - Business Communications Review
http://www.bluetooth.com - Home of The Bluetooth Special Interest Group - lots of technology info
http://www.boardwatch.com - ISP information, historical and much more
http://www.byteandswitch.com - Taxonomies, reports, and breaking news
http://www.burtongroup.com - Analyst source of directories and DSML
http://www.cabledatacomnews.com - Service statistics, monthly reports on cable service industry from Kinetic Strategies Inc. (Phoenix)
http://www.cablelabs.com - R&D consortium with test results and tutorials
http://www.cablemodem.com - Carries the technical specs for cable modem services
http://www.cetj,com - Windows CE Technical Journal
http://www.certicom.com - White papers on elliptic curve encryption
http://www.copernic.com - Home of the absolute best web search tool we have seen!
http://www.cultdeadcow.com - Back Orifice 2000
http://www.currentanalysis.com - Source for analyst reports - subscription based
http://www.dslprime.com - DSL insight, information and more
http://www.dslreports.com - General info on DSL  
http://www.evaluatorgroup.com - White papers, and more
http://www.freenet6.net - Learn more about IPv6 here at this site
http://www.hive4telecom.com - The Telecom Bee Hive - resources for Telecom professionals
http://www.homerf.org - 2.4GHz Home LAN
http://www.internet.com/home-d.html - Internet articles and events for IT managers
http://www.internettelephony.com - Telephony Magazine
http://www.InternetList.com - Lets visitors generate a list of ISP's in their area code plus lot's more
http://www.isi.edu - University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute
http://www.isplist.com - Directory of ISPs plus more
http://www.itu.int/imt/ - Info on IMT-2000
http://www.lantimes.com/ - LAN Times magazine home page
http://www.lightreading.com - Reports, information and sources for optical and wireless
http://mailabuse.org - The Mail Abuse Prevention System for blackholing email spammers
http://metalab.unc.edu - UNC Chapel Hill, NC - Sunsite
http://www.nsf.gov - National Science Foundation
http://www.nist.gov - National Institute of Standards and Technology
http://www.outsourcing.com - The Outsourcing Institute
http://www.pannaway.com - A Superb Triple Play solution set
http://www.porcupine.org - Wietse Venema's web site (computer security expert)
http://www.pulver.com - Voice over IP source information and more
http://polygraph.ircache.net - Web Polygraph, free benchmarking SW for web proxy systems
http://www.raid-advisory.com - The Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks advisory web site 
http://www.s3.kth.se/radio/4GW - Research project run by Swedish Royal Institute of Technology
http://www.scheduleonline.com - Put your monthly planner on line and retrieve it from anywhere
http://www.searchstorage.com - News, analysis, tutorials, overviews and lots of other telecom stuff
http://www.securitywatch.com - Stay current on security and security issues in telecom/internet 
http://www.slaughterhouse.com - Provides reviews and downloads of open source software
http://www.spamhaus.org - Steve Linford's anti-spam crusade www headquarters
httP://www.techguide.com - White papers and technology information on everything communications 
http://www.teledotcom.com - Tele.com Magazine
http://www.telecomweb.com - An online telecom magazine type site, news and more
http://www.teleworth.com - Complete analysis of service provider rate plans
http://www.virtela.com - A great IPSEC VPN tutorial is available here
www.asmcorp.com: American Show Management; ITEK Expo
www.americasnetwork.com: Americas Network; telcom news
www.broadband-guide.com: Broadband Telephony's Buyer's Guide and Digital Horizon Newsletter
www.bcr.com: Business Communications Review magazine
www.comdex.com: Softbank COMDEX, Inc.; unites computing, wireline, wireless communications and consumer electronics
www.ucg.com: United Communications Group; CCMI Center for Communications Management Information; telecom tariffs and newsletters
www.cabledatacomnews.com: Cable Datacom News
www.comnews.com: Communications News re networking for network managers, focusing on case studies and real-world solutions
http: /www./techweb.cmp.com/cw/cwi: Communications Week Webzine
www.mha.com/comnet/index.html: Comnet Trade Show
www.computertelephony.com: Home of Teleconnect Magazine, Call Center Management Magazine & Computer Telephony
www.ctimag.com: Computer Telephony Integration; Call Center Solutions; Telemarketing; various trade shows
www.ctexpo.com/cc/cc_home.html: Call Center Magazine
www.textor.com/cms/cmstel.html: CMS Internet Catalogue of telecommunications newsletters, management reports and market surveys. Listed on this site are hundreds of titles from leading publishers specializing in telecommunications, computing, media and related areas.
www.ctexpo.com/ct/ct_home.html: Computer Telephony Magazine
www.ctexpo.com: Computer Telephony Expo
www.data.com: Data Communications Magazine
www.thedigest.com: Discount Long Distance Digest
www.thedigest.com/icb: ICB Toll Free News. Toll-free information and support, advising corporate users, call centers, marketing firms and trade associations, on applicable marketing, regulatory and legislative issues.
www.iec.org: International Engineering Consortium; Supercomm expo and seminars
www.intelecard.com: Intelecard News magazine re pre-paid cards, primarily
www.telobs.com: The Internet Telecom Observer; news source for all aspects of the telecommunications galaxy
www.infoworld.com: Infoworld magazine
www.internettelephony.com: Internet Telephony; full telecom industry coverage
www.mpcshows.com: Magazines and expos focusing on telecom agents/resellers and pre-paid calling cards
pubs.m2.com/corporate/default.htm: M2 Communications provides timely worldwide coverage of key telecom/IT industry news and commentary
www.nwfusion.com: Network World and ISDN News
www.broadband-guide.com/company/osp.html: Outside Plant Magazine. Focuses on the "outside" environment of cabling, switches, poles, manholes, installation and maintenance for telephone and CATV voice and data.
www.hyperarchive.lcs.mit.edu/telecom-archives: Telecom Digest and Archives; by MIT
www.pasha.com/tle/tle.htm: Telecom & Network Security Review. From telabuse and toll fraud to the latest in information security developments
www.telecoms-mag.com/tcs.html: Telecommunications Online
www.telecomsnewsline.com: Telecom News On-line; sponsored by HP
www.teledotcom.com: Tele.com News: News on the "New Public Network" by McGrawHill
www.telegear.com: Marketplace to buy and sell used telecom gear
www.teleconnect.com: Teleconnect Magazine
www.telecommunications.com: Telecom Publishing Group; Telecom AM newsletter on-line
www.telestrategies.com: Telestrategies; telecommunication industry conferences, seminars, trade shows, newsletter "Insight"; Jerry Lucus; McLean VA
www.thedigest.com: News of the toll-free industry
www.commnow.com: Wireless news on-line
www.wiring.com: Cabling Business magazine, on-line; lot of references
wtn.com/wtn/wtn.html: Washington DC Newswire; Coverage includes significant legislation on Capitol Hill, activities at the Federal Communications Commission and issues before the federal courts. 
American Public Works Association (APWA) - The APWA's Resource Center contains a great variety of documents, ordinances, and related materials on right-of-way management
Rural Development Telecommunications Program - Maintained by USDA, Rural Development. This site provides access to information and ideas for how telecommunications infrastructure and universal service requirements encourage and promote economic development in rural areas of the country.
International Right of Way Association - This industry group provides information to its members concerning wireless facilities siting issues.
Bioelectromagnetics: Current Risks & Concerns, EMF Interface
EMR Network - An organization of individuals and groups concerned about ElectroMagnetic Radiation
Federal Communications Law Journal - Published by the Indiana University School of Law and the Federal Communications Bar Association. Current and past issues can be reviewed and downloaded.
Federal Communications Law Journal, Telecommunications Related Links - This site provides links to many sources for scholarly legal articles in the telecommunications field
Government Technology magazine - This magazine Web site has articles providing a wealth of practical information on how local governments can use technology to improve services and enhance the quality of life in our communities.
Telecommunications Online - A monthly magazine covering carrier-class and wide area technologies worldwide. 
Technology Grant News - Identifies public and private sector funding sources for your program initiatives.

Verizon Foundation - "Verizon Foundation supports programs that create innovative eSolutions, help bridge the digital divide, foster basic and computer literacy, help enrich our communities, and create a skilled workforce."

www.cofran.com: The premier independent telecom consultancy
www.research.att.com: ATT Labs research
www.bellcore.com: The group that sets telecom standards, does research and publishes
www.bell-labs.com: Bell Labs; a Lucent Div
www.thebluebook.com : Blue Book resource reference
www.sgx.com/hg: Huntinton Career Network
www.instant-search.com/telecoms: Service developed and run by telecom specialists to search the Internet for telecom information for a fee
ippsweb.ipps.lsa.umich.edu/telecom: An excellent resource with thousands of links to telecom entities and information, maintained by U of Mich
www.lynxtech.com: Lynx Technology; tariff and service information
www.stuffsoftware.com: Stuffsoftware; tariff and software resources
www.telecomweb.com: Phillips Telecom Web; tariffs, magazines & lots of telecom resources
www.tarifica.com: Tariff data
www.cnijoblink.com: Telecom recruiters
www.rwr.com/telecomm.html: Richard, Wayne, Roberts; telecom recruiters
www.switchboard.com: Locate people and phone numbers
www.technologylaw.com: Full, indexed text of the Telecommunications Act of 1996; legal services in telecom industry
www.telecomforum.com/newforum/tfmain.htm: The Telecom Forum. Directory and resource center
www.tollfree.att.net/dir800: ATT toll-free number & Internet directory
www.my800vanity.com: Vanity toll-free number locator
www.usatalkcheap.com: Use the calculator at USATalkCheap.com to compare & find the cheapest long distance carriers in your area. Unlimited long distance and T1 lines
www.miconinc.com: Micon Inc.; CIS, CRM & ERP Quality Assurance, Product Evaluation & Selection, Work Management & RFP Preparation Consultants.



Linux and Open Source Related

National Telephone Commissions and Associations

State Telephone Associations and Related Links


Telecommunications Market Analysis


  • Blog Search Engine -Search Engine and Directory of blogs. Looking for blogs? Find them on BlogSearchEngine.com


Legal Firms Focused on Telecommunications

  • Baller Herbst Law Group - This firm, with offices in Minneapolis and D.C., represents local governments on telecommunications issues. Firm attorneys are frequent lecturers at national conferences. The "Library" section of the site is where they post their articles.
  • Federal Communications Bar Association - Most members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the FCBA are private attorneys representing telecom providers. However, there are a few public agency members.

Telecom Call Centers

Telecommunications Supply Houses

www.anixter.com: Anixter

www.kentelec.com: Kent Electronics
www.graybar.com: Graybar
www.blackbox.com: Blackbox
www.hello-direct.com: Hello Direct
www.pacificcable.com: Pacific Cable; computer cables and networking supplies
www.sprintnorthsupply.com: Sprint North Supply


Used Telecommunications Equipment Resellers

www.cyber-tech.com/1nation: 1Nation
www.americaii.com/a1/a1home.htm: A-1 Teletronics
www.thewwbn.com/answerpoint: Answer Point
www.arccom.com: ARC Communications
www.cosmix.com/aztec: Aztec International
www.comsal.com: Com-Sal, Inc.
www.comtelsc.com: Comtel
www.digitaltele.com: Digital Telecom
www.dscomm.com: D&S Communication Equipment
www.phones.base.org: ET&T
www.ensing.com: Ensing
www.1stalliancecom.com: First Alliance
www.gasint.com: Gas International
www.telecomforum.com/ads/genesis.htm: Genesis Communications
www.intelecom.com: Integrity Telecomm
www.webwrx.com/kti: King Technologies
www.mainresource.com: Main Resource Inc
www.metrocominc.com: Metrocom
www.musicsupply.com: Music Supply Co.
www.panamphones.com: Pan American
www.Platcomm.com: Platinum Communications; Lucent products
www.netpath.net/protech.html: Protech Comm. Inc.
www.resourcesys.com: Resource Systems
www.sac-sam.com: SAC
www.sharktel.com: Sharktel
www.source.com: Source Inc.
www.supply.com: Supply Technology
www.targetd.com: Target Distributing Co.
www.teledynamics.com: Teledynamics
www.telesystems.com: Tele/Systems
www.truepulse.com: TruePulse
www.lucent.com/businessnetworks/selfservice: Lucent Direct
www.telegear.com: World Buying Network; lists dealers and parts
www.natd.com: NATD Telecom Trading Network
www.thechannel.com: The Channel; open world distribution; parts & suppliers overseas
www.firsthand.com: FirstFind; Sprint division with buy/sell services
www.tmkt-resources.com: Telemarket Resources, Inc.
www.usedparts.com: UsedParts.com; buy & sell auction on-line
www.valucomm.net: Valucomm.net; Unused and refurbished phones and user-friendly business phone systems, office voice mail systems and related telecommunication equipment
www.venturatel.com: Ventura

Traffic Calculators and Clever Tools

State Public Service and Utility Commissions

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