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How many times have you heard this: "You should never stop learning"?

At CellStream, we agree.  We think a practice of contnual learning is crucial, especially in the rapidly changing technology areas of computing and networking.  

As Performance Consultants, when we are working with our clients we often either provide, coordinate, or are a part of a learning exercise of some sort.  With the complexity of todays development teams, support teams, and network administration demands, it is nearly impossible to know everything there is to know.  

What is more important than trying to know everything is knowing where to look, where to seek answers to important questions, as we try to understand the impact to performace of the team/group.

Over the years, we have built, from scratch, an Online School of Network Sciences (LMS based in Moodle), and we continue to build courses that address key knowledge and skills for todays networking professional.

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We also provide learning coordination and development services as well.

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