Hands On Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Operations 2-day - Oregon Class #2

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Remember when Wi-Fi first started out in the residential market and we thought it was the most awesome thing to be able to communicate with the World Wide Web via Wireless signal?  It was simply magic and we all were dancing in the streets!  Now that we have watched the advancements in Wireless LAN Technology that increases the bandwidth between our mobile device and the wireless access point we have created a customer base that is expecting even more! 

When that trouble call comes into customer support, the first line of defense, they hear the customer state "...I'm buying all this bandwidth from you but I only get a fraction of what I am paying for...".  Now the customer service agent must identify the customers network interface and investigate the problem may be in the overall network, this particular line going to the location, a modem problem, or some other interference that may be siphoning off bandwidth. 

If your customer service agents are armed with a deeper understanding of how Wi-Fi really works it would take the mystery out of the magic!  This course will open their minds to situations where they may have been able to resolve with the customer on the phone without having to dispatch a technician.  This course will provide anecdotes for common issues that can be resolved right away and pass that knowledge to the customer so they can understand the challenges of having everything in their home or business which has a Wireless Connection.  The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded and we now take for granted that we are going to be interconnected with all of those devices as some time or another.

This course will help your technicians that are dispatched to measure and monitor the wireless network and point out where possible interference may be located.  This will also provide access to tools for your sales and sales engineering teams to assist in mapping of access points locations and possible network configurations.

I have heard from others that have taken this class that the overall return on investment in this course will pay for itself over and over again.  Plus the added bonus of your customers will retain their confidence in your products and services.

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