1-Day CBRS Workshops

The 3rd decade of the 21st century is starting off to be the most impactful point in time in the history of US communication technology since the Modified Final Judgement (MFJ).  We are reaching out to you in partnership with (insert full name of your telecom association here) to bring clarity to impactful events around the corner that will change how your company works now and in the future. 

Our names are Pete DeNagy (President of IoT America & Acommence Advisors) and Andy Walding (President of CellStream).  We have combined our respected backgrounds and experience to put together a 1-day program vital to your member companies and association.  This program focuses on the technology known as "CBRS" or Citizens Broadband Radio Service and the impact that this will have on your member companies and association as well as the competitors in your market today.

The 3.55 to 3.7 GHz radio frequencies are going to auction on June 25th. 2020 


Our program is designed to quickly accomplish primary overview objectives listed below that define why both the management and technical leadership of member companies and association need to attend:

  • We will define CBRS from both a business and technical perspective
  • We will outline use cases and business opportunities - why CBRS is important to you
  • We will discuss what you need to do, and how to do it

We will look to the near and more distant future tactics and strategies so you can plan your activities, including strategies regarding FCC Auction #105 commencing on June 25th, 2020.

Program Outline

  • Introduction and Definition of CBRS.
    • What is it?
    • Why is it important?
    • What makes it unique in wireless?
  • The Business Model/Business Cases
    • What CBRS is and is not
    • 4G / 5G / IoT ramifications
    • How CBRS works in a Fixed Wireless Broadband perspective
    • Can you also use CBRS for mobile wireless service?
    • CAM, CAF II and RDOF ramifications
  • The Licensing Model and Process
    • What do I need to do now?
    • How do I get started?
    • What will happen if I act now vs acting later?
  • The CBRS Ecosystem
    • Defining the CBRS components and functionality
    • Where do I get the technical specifications?
    • How will CBRS frequency management actually work?
    • How will you install a CBRS System?
  • How to leverage CBRS into the new Revenue Streams
    • Providing Fixed wireless broadband service
    • Providing mobile connectivity
    • M2M/IoT opportunities
    • Enterprise and Fed-SLED opportunities
    • Wholesale

Program Details

The program is a one-day workshop - 9am to 4:30pm.  A light lunch will be provided.  

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Presenter Bio's

Peter DeNagyDeNagy

Mr. DeNagy is the Co-Founder of IoT America and the Managing Principal of Acommence Advisors. He has spent 37 years in various mobile, wireline and communication systems executive roles at places like Samsung, (blame him, he put MS Exchange Active Sync on Samsung’s Android devices) Accenture, EDS/HP, Global Crossing, Sprint and GTE/Verizon.  He works as a technology industry consultant focused on Innovation, Business Advisory Services, and Strategy, for start-up and mature organizations. 

From the academic perspective, Peter collaborated on the book, "Managing the Mobile Workforce", by David Clemons and Michael Kroth, Ph.D. (11/2010, McGraw Hill).  The project included noted business author Stephen Covey, Also, he is on SMU’s advisory board for their Big Data program.

From an industry leadership perspective, Peter was a member of Microsoft’s Global Mobility Partner Engagement Board, (MPEB), from 2008 through 2011. He also has and currently sits on the technical and business boards of several start-up companies, such as Atom Nanoelectronics (current), Connect2.me (current), Bitzer Mobile (purchased by Oracle in 2013), Opus-3 (ended February 2017), CloudMasons, (purchased in 2012), MyndVR (current), IsoWhiz (current), Maxxsure (current) and others. 

Peter is also a frequent speaker on IoT / 5G and Big Data for organizations such as IEEE, INCOMPAS, TIA, NTCA, WISPA, CCA, NECA, Indatel, Internet of Business, RCR Wireless, TIE and State associations like OTA across the United States.

Overall, Peter has more than 37 years of Mobile, IoT and Telecommunications experience and has delivered over $5 Billion Dollars in value to his clients. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

Andrew WaldingWalding

Mr. Walding has been active In Telecom/Datacom since 1978 - does anyone remember 110 baud?  OK, acoustic couplers?  He has 5 patents in Telecommunications

Mr. Walding began his career in field service in telecommunications.  He held several positions supporting Central Office operations to satellite communications.  He developed and engineered several RF products, was responsible for the design and installation of a satellite network control center using VSAT (very small aperture terminal) spread-spectrum technology.  As Senior Director, Engineering, Mr. Walding lead and managed the DSC engineering program for wireless local loop efforts in the United Kingdom, AIRSPAN, using point-to-multipoint CDMA / Spread Spectrum technologies.

Mr. Walding holds several industry certifications including a CBRS CPI from Google.  He founded CellStream, Inc. consulting in 1998 and founded The Online School of Network Sciences in 2013.  He has been an Ethereal / Wireshark / TCPdump evangelist since 1998.  As a Researcher/Author/Instructor since 1998 – you can view his extensive list of publications/courses here

He is an active speaker at multiple conferences on Wireless, IPv4 and IPv6, Wireshark packet analysis, Security, WLAN/Wi-Fi, VoIP and much more.  You can follow him on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

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