Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Security in the Wireless LAN Class - TT&S

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Security in the Wireless LAN Class - TT&S

This course will be Instructor Led and On Site Delivery.  To register for the course click here.

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Having a solid understanding of Network Security in Wireless and TCP/IP networks is extremely important for anyone in the service provider business. Knowledge and skills with regards to network security are vital to network backbone engineers, support engineers/technicians, engineers that test these networks and equipment that is installed in these networks, as well as development engineers.

  • If you are a technician or engineer that supports anything with Wi-Fi, you need a solid understanding of security vulnerabilities of the technology, and how to mitigate these vulnerabilities.
  • As a trusted service provider, you are depended upon by your customers to provide knowledge, understanding, and proper network usage to minimize exposure and protect their personal information.
  • Customer privacy is at risk, and with more wireless connected devices, the Internet of Things, providing a secure environment for these devices to operate is crucial to everyone.

Don't miss this tremendous opportunity to enhance your network security knowledge and skills by attending this Hands On course.

Once registered, and as we approach the course date, you will receive detailed information on what you will need to prepare to  participate in the course.

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Event Properties

Event date 03-08-2022 8:30 am Local
Event End Date 03-09-2022 5:00 pm Local
Capacity 20
Individual Price $725.00
Location Telecom Training & Safety

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