Explore Packet Analysis w/Wireshark - WLAN/Wi-Fi Edition Private WBD (Pacific)

Explore Packet Analysis w/Wireshark - WLAN/Wi-Fi Edition Private WBD (Pacific)
This course will be a private, Instructor Led, and Web Based Delivery class.
This WLAN/Wi-Fi Edition course focuses on the Wi-Fi WLAN operations, troubleshooting, and planning, revealing Wireshark's capabilities for Wi-Fi WLAN's, and what things to look out for. This course is a two-day hands on lab class that will teach you how to use Wireshark to capture and analyze 802.11 frames in the WLAN/Wi-Fi environment.  Having skills with Wireshark and Wi-Fi networks is vital to anyone who is in the networking field today, whether it be Service Provider level or Enterprise level. The course is a combination of knowledge training, systems analysis, with hands-on exercises using the Wireshark™ application, backed by CellStream's experience in networking over the last 25 years, revealing the details and capabilities in a swift, comprehensive, and understandable way.
Once registered, and as we approach the course date, you will receive detailed information on how to successfully participate in the course - specifically what you will need to do PRIOR to the course.
The requirements for Web Based Delivery courses are simple - each student will need a computer with an Internet connection, and a current web browser.
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Sorry but registration is disabled for private courses.  This course is offered publicly, just look for the public courses in the calendar.   

Event Properties

Event date 04-12-2021 10:30 am Local
Event End Date 04-13-2021 6:30 pm Local
Capacity 16
Individual Price Not Available
Location Online School of Network Sciences

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