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First things first - we offer two fundamentally different types of courses:

a) Public courses that are open to anyone wishing to attend

b) Private courses that are closed to all except the folks associated with the company/group that is requesting the course.

For those who are looking for our Certification Program - click here.

There are several places to register:

Public Courses

To register for public Instructor Led courses, there three options to locate a course and register.

Option 1: 

You will want to start at the course/events calendar to find these courses (all public courses are highlighted in green).  Click here to go to the course/events calendar and then look for the green public courses.  

public courses

Simply click on the course and if there are available seats, registration buttons will be available, usually both individual and group registrations:

Register buttons

If these buttons do not appear, then we are sorry but registration is already full.  

You will want to continue to look for courses using the calendar.  

Option 2: 

Begin at the complete list of available courses/events (there may be multiple pages), you will see both public and private courses listed.  

The public courses with available seats will contain registration buttons.

 Register buttons2

Simply select the individual or group registration button next to the course you wish to attend. Click here to display the current list.

Option 3: 

To register for public online/video based courses you will find a course of interest at the Online School of Network Sciences.  

When you select the course, you will be prompted to Log In or create a user accout (account creation is free) and then options for enrollment/payment will be provided.  Click here to go to the Online School of Network Sciences.  

Private Courses

To register for private courses, make sure you follow instructions provided by your learning administrator.

Usually private courses require that student create an account at the Online School of Network Sciences, which is free, and then, using the enrollment keys provided by the course admnistration team, students will enroll in a particular course.  In some cases, the enrollment information will be provided to you by your instructor on the first day of the course.  


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