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CellStream Consulting

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Great question! First things first - we offer two fundamentally different types of courses: a) Public courses that are open to anyone wishing to attend b) Private courses that...

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Why use CellStream for your technology, telecommunication and computing learning needs? The simple answer to that is three words: Value We aspire to provide industry leading learning experiences...

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    or     CellStream, Inc. was founded in March of 1998. We are a telecommunications consultancy, solving problems and educating our clients in the latest...

CSI-HO-003 - Hands-On Advanced MPLS Functions

2.5 -Day Instructor Led Hands On Lab ClassAvailable in either Web Based delivery or On-Site Delivery Course Description: MPLS continues to gain popularity and usage as well as development of new...

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Welcome to the CellStream Inc. Reference and Reading Articles area.   You will find a ton of information here.  We have categorized our information to help find things, but you may find...


CellStream Consulting Services

pexels photo 208494The heart of what we do at CellStream, Inc. is embodied in the telecommunications consulting services area. 

Consulting is often about designing solutions. 

Our fundamental philosophy in our consulting is to:

  • Design through action.
  • Designing with our clients, not for them.
  • We take a system level approach, rather than a specific deliverable approach.
  • We document our work, we use the cloud (this site) to share, to collaborate, and to measure.
  • We like to start small and design to scale globally.
  • We then infuse our solutions and designs into our clients systems.
  • We believe that solutions design is often an education for all the team players and likewise, education should be designed.
  • We also like to use visualization to unlock complexity.

The key benefits CellStream consultants bring to the table are as follows:

  • Up-to date technology and engineering expertise like Wi-Fi, IPv6, MPLS, Routing protocols, IPv4, DWDM and many more
  • Convergence Focus – bringing non-packet and packet-based traffic together - bringing wireline and wireless together
  • Packet-conscious - TCP/IP/MPLS as well as TDM
  • Privacy, Accuracy  - no one respects intellectual property as highly as we do (see our code of ethics)
  • Delivery on Commitments - our business relies on it!
  • Creative, Market Savvy Solutions

Let’s look at just some of the team’s capabilities.  Click on any of the Services listed to learn more.

Consultant Profiles

The Consulting and Teaching Team at CellStream, Inc.

We are very proud of the level of expertise, professionalism and experience that exists in our growing family of consultants at CellStream. 

You may select any of the names of the consultants to view an in-depth profile. 

The areas of knowledge/expertise below will help you in understanding who we are, and what each of us can bring to the table.

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