IPv6 Courses

IPv6 Courses

v6cloudWith the supply of IPv4 addresses exhausted, everyone in networking is scrambling to convert their networks and their knowledge/skills to the next generation Internet Protocol - IPv6. 

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Rural networks are rapidly tackling the challenge of conversion to IPv6.  Most Tier 1 service providers have already done so.  Unlike IPv4 which has a 32 bit number-dot-number-dot-number-dot-numer (dot decimal) format and lnguage, IP version 6 uses a 128 bit number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number-colon-number format, and instead of being dot decimal, this is all hexadecimal!  More numbers means more addresses, plus it means more functionality, and different functionality.

Our "Hands On" courses teach IPv6 from the basics to the advanced subjects. 

Whether you are a field technician, central office engineer, or IT person, you need a solid hands-on skill base on IPv6.  The courses below will get you there.

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