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Course Description:

5G is a significant enhancement in the evolution of mobile networks. 5G extends beyond providing services to the smart phone, to provide connectivity for all things. 5G has extensive flexibility in the allocation of resources. This flexibility enables 5G to provide wireless connectivity and network services to simple sensors, to highly complex mission critical industrial equipment.

To deliver this diverse set of service requirements and the growing number of connected devices, 5G has introduced a New Radio (NR) and transition the network from functional nodes to network functions (NF). It this course we look beyond NR and NFs, at look specific topics that are fundamental to the success delivery of 5G services. These advanced topics include, Edge computing, service-based architecture, security, high capacity deployments, and vertical services.

Learners attending this course are expect to have attended the 2-day Understanding 5G course or have equivalent knowledge on 5G.

Course Objectives:

  • Build a more in-depth understanding of the 5G system architecture, including Multi-access Edge
  • Computing (MEC), and management and orchestration functions.
  • Describe the Service-Based Architecture (SBA) and how services are requested
  • Explore the different aspects of 5G security, including access and core network protection mechanisms.
  • Reveal how high capacity networks can be achieved using ultra density network concepts and massive MIMO.
  • Explain how 5G delivers solutions to specific vertical markets, including Industrial IoT and V2X communications
  • Gain technical expertise on 5G and why it is important to our network future, and how you can better manage that importance in your job function

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is anyone in engineering, testing, customer support, technical marketing and sales, system and solutions engineers. The course is ideal for anyone that requires an understanding of the fundamental operations of 5G and seeks to comprehend the challenges of 5G
that can be applied to their job function.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Operations and administrative people that provide wireless configuration and network support services.
  • Network architects and engineers that need to understand next generation wireless networks.
  • Network administrators and management that are providing element and network management tools to manage next generation networks.
  • Technical marketing and sales that must be able to correlate customer needs with emerging wireless network functions and capabilities.
  • Solutions and systems engineers that want more than just a basic understanding of the technologies and architectures underlying 5G.
  • Research and development individuals that need to expand their knowledge and studies of 5G technologies and wireless network topologies.
  • System and project planners that need to plan for future network deployments and growth.

Course Prerequisites:

This course is designed for the learner that has fundamental knowledge of how 5G works, and is interested in exploring some of the critical technologies and new architectural concepts in more depth. Ideally the learner should have attended the 2-day Understanding 5G class prior to attending this course, or
should have equivalent knowledge.

Course Materials:

Learners will be provided with course material, exercises, and supporting reference material via the Online School of Network Sciences.

Related Content:

There are a number of related courses we offer that explore the technical aspects of both today’s and tomorrow’s wireless networks. 

Course Outline:

  • 5G architecture
    • Phased implementation
    • Review of NR and 5GCN (5G 2-day course)
    • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
    • Management and orchestration
    • Exercise: 5G architecture
  • Service Based Architecture (SBA)
    • Network Functions (NF) and services
    • Reference points and interfaces
    • Use of HTTP
    • Service API framework
    • Exercise: Service request
  • Security
    • Threats and security mechanisms
    • Security requirements
    • Securing access
    • Securing the core network
    • Security procedures
    • Exercise: Security process
  • High capacity deployments
    • Massive MIMO
    • Distributed antennas
    • Ultra-Dense networks (UDN)
    • Exercise: Density networks
  • Vertical Services
    • Mission critical
    • Industrial IoT
    • Location-based services
    • V2X
    • Exercise: Vertical service
  • Course Wrap Up


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