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Anyone interested in hosting a Wireshark or IPv6 or Wi-Fi6 or any other class? Let me know!  With COVID under control, now is the time to get staff trained and catch up with Wi-Fi 6, and get those new employees up to speed.

We have a great 1-day class for technicians and CSR's called Enhancing The Broadband Experience - see more details here.

BTW - please join us on Discord to stay more abreast of things going on at CellStream and joining our conversations:

We now have a QUIC class as this protocol is redefining the Internet protocol stack. It is a one day class and you can read more here.

With that said, we continue to schedule web based delivery classes and we encourage managers to sign up students to our live (via ZOOM) and online self paced classes alike. Links are on just below. 

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What's New and Interesting at CellStream

Some new and interesting articles:

Zero-to-Hero – Wireshark TCP Conversation Completeness

How To Discover What is on your LAN/WLAN

Zero-to-Hero on Wireshark Columns

Find and Display All Your Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows

Troubleshooting Your Network Using Port Mirroring and Packet Capture

Popular article and video: If you need a method to solve IPv4 subnets for certification or just daily practice - check out my tried and true method

We have added several courses on Udemy! Check them out here.

Fantastic new 1-day Course for CSR's and FSR's: CSI-SP-006 - Enhancing the Customer Broadband Experience
[A special thank you to the great folks at Pioneer Telecom and the Oklahoma Telephone Association in helping to make this course reality]

Cisco Router How To's: Want to know how to configure Cisco routers and switches to do various features? Check out our list and cheat sheets here.


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