CSI-TB-007 – QUIC Redefines the Transport Layer – A Technical Overview/Briefing

1 Day Instructor Led Technology Overview/Briefingcloud quic1
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Course Description:

Google introduced one of the most significant changes to the Layered Model of telecommunications when it introduced QUIC (see our articles here, and here, and here).  It was so revolutionary at the time and does away with TCP at the transport layer, replacing TCP with a combination of QUIC over UDP.  Recently the IETF has released RFC9000 and the need for this course was born.  Luckily the great folks at Wireshark have been on top of the QUIC/GQUIC development cycles and have fully support the protocols.  This course, then, will leverage Wireshark to study this porotocol and learn how the Internet has been forever changed by QUIC.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this technical debriefing, learners should be able to define what the QUIC protocol is, and explain the operational model of the QUIC protocol, contrasting it with TCP, and be able to answer questions about QUIC including:

  • What is QUIC and why is it important?
  • How does QUIC work?
  • How is QUIC different from TCP?
  • Why is this change needed and how will it affect networking going forward?


The target audience for this course is anyone in IT or Networking technology, basically anyone wanting to understand this massive shift in the operation of the Internet.

Course Prerequisites:

This course is designed to appeal to anyone that needs to be knowledgeable on QUIC. 

Students would benefit from having some experience in Wireshark. Students should have Wireshark installed on their computers before attending.  However, no prior knowledge is assumed.

Course Materials:

Learners will be provided with course material, exercises, and supporting reference material via the Online School of Network Sciences.

Course Outline:

The course outline is shown below. This is subject to change during course creation.

Background and Introduction

  • What is QUIC?
  • Where did QUIC come from?
  • Why is it special?
  • What is the QUIC operational model?

Examining QUIC in Wireshark

Decrypting QUIC in Wireshark

Troubleshooting QUIC using Wireshark

Course Wrap Up 

  • Course Evaluation
  • Questions

Course Availability:

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