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If you have attended, or know someone who has attended, one of our courses, you know the quality of the course design, along with the quality of the learning experience is our legacy.

Of course, we integrate and blend both instructor led and online learning tools in order to customize our courses, meet the needs of today’s connected student, manage delivery costs, and deliver what our learners need.

We think of ourselves as “Performance Consultants”.

You can hire us to perform private or public learning/training development and delivery.  Consider these to be what we call “learning services“.

We have been in the business of consulting and teaching technology since 1998, and have offered blended learning solutions since 2001.  This expansive experience can be leveraged in creating your customized learning programs.

To us, developing Learning Solutions and developing Blended Curriculum is about performance consulting: designing solutions.

Our fundamental philosophy is to design through action; designing with our clients, not for them.  We take a system level approach, rather than a specific deliverable approach.  We document our work, we use the cloud (this site) to share, to collaborate, and to measure our progress.  We are capable of starting small and can design learning solutions to scale globally.  We can then infuse our solutions and designs into our client’s learning and business systems.  We believe that a solutions level design is often an education for all the team players.  We also like to use visualization to unlock complexity.  These are our fundamental design philosophies.

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Overview of CellStream Course Curriculum Approach

Our training and learning curriculum is designed with three key concepts:

Providing “Just In Time” approach to training and course design

By Just In Time, we mean taking key training subjects and applying them just when they are needed, just when they will be used.  We have all heard that if you don’t practice what you have learned, you forget most of it.  We believe the key to training is to position the new skills and knowledge at the right point in time, that they will be needed and useful, and therefore retain value.

Focus on skills and knowledge in content and design

No one’s budget is fat.  Sending people to training courses where they receive information is an un-measurable return on investment.  Learned skills, on the other hand, are measurable.  Skills improve performance.  Skills improve productivity.  Skills are things that can be used and applied.  Everything we do combines skills and knowledge, maximizing value to our clients.

Holistic Approach to Course Development

The key to our approach was documented by Benjamin Bloom (see Blooms Taxonomy) wherein we build skills through demonstrated competency in the areas we develop learning solutions in.

Details of these services are shown below.

Technical Skills Development

Focus on skills-based training, not just knowledge-based training Enhancement and Revitalization of knowledge capital programs Creation of new skill capital programs with the most effective techniques in the industry Assured of key, current telecommunications content and expertise Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability You can get a feel for the quality of our program capabilities by viewing

Technical Skills Development Read More »

Level-up Your Team’s Interpersonal and Professional Development Skills

Developing solid Interpersonal and Professional Skills are critical to human-to-human interaction and success.  Whether employee to employee, or employee to customer, even the most seasoned sales person or manager can loose focus on the key skills and processes we should use when interacting with customers, team members and subordinates. We can customize an enlightenment program

Level-up Your Team’s Interpersonal and Professional Development Skills Read More »

Instructors for Hire

CellStream instructors receive the highest praise from our students.  We continually use feedback from student evaluations to learn how our courses and our delivery can be improved.  The result over time is that our instructors are industry leaders and have developed highly tuned delivery techniques.  These techniques engage students and foster great learning environments.   

Instructors for Hire Read More »

Instructional Design and Teaching

CellStream, Inc. consultants have designed all types of training programs under the guidelines of Bloom’s Taxonomy, including our own.  If you are looking for experienced instructional designers to help you develop your own private internal training program, or a training program for your customers, and you would like to leverage our skills and methodologies, we

Instructional Design and Teaching Read More »

IPv6 Hands On Training – The Time is Now

Check out these additional IPv6 Resources: Our IPv6 overview course at Udemy Our IPv6 Custom Profiles for Wireshark Our IPv6 classes at the Online School Thanks to the publication of a study by the NRO (Number Resource Organization) that is the official representative of the five RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) that oversee the allocation of

IPv6 Hands On Training – The Time is Now Read More »

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