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CBRS Certified Professional Installer (CPI) Services Description

CellStream is proud to announce, and congratulates, Mr. Andrew Walding on attaining his CBRS Certified Professional Installer certification from Google!  As discussed in the CBRS overview article, CBRS license holders need an account with one of the SAS providers, and then they need a CPI to actually certify and log their CBSD/Antennas into the SAS […]

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How Do I Register for A Course?

Great question! First things first – we offer two fundamentally different types of courses: a) Public courses that are open to anyone wishing to attend b) Private courses that are closed to all except the folks associated with the company/group that is requesting the course. For those who are looking for our Certification Program – click here. There are several

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Wi-Fi and WLAN Site Survey Consulting Services

Whether you are a business or home user, we depend on Wi-Fi Networking today more than ever.  This dependency is only going to increase. Our expertise in Wireless combined with our deep networking background allows us to help anyone with issues of performance or operation of their Wi-Fi Network. We understand the detailed operations and

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Security Assessment Services

Security of your network is paramount in today’s network centric society.  With security breaches increasing in complexity and diversity, assessing the potential security risk and exposure of your corporate assets is vital to management teams. Who should consider us? Our assessment service is targeted at the rural service provider community.  Our deep experience in the

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CSI-HO-003 – Hands-On Advanced MPLS Functions

2.5 -Day Instructor Led Hands On Lab ClassAvailable in either Web Based delivery or On-Site Delivery Course Description: MPLS continues to gain popularity and usage as well as development of new features from the IETF, IEEE and Cisco customers. Knowing the advanced features that have been added to MPLS, MPLS L3VPNs, and MPLS Traffic Engineering

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Creating Questions and Activities

As part of our course and materials process, it is important to create quizzes and test questions to strengthen knowledge. We provide the following words, terms, and other notes to hopefully spur your creativity in accomplishing this. Knowledge Useful Verbs tell list describe relate locate write find state name Sample Question Stems What happened after…?

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Comprehensive Resume – Andrew Walding

Comprehensive Resume of Andrew Walding Employment Summary 04/98-Present CellStream, Inc. Consultant, Researcher, Industry Analyst, Author, Speaker, President 04/98-03/02 Telecommunications Research Associates Member of Faculty, on contract 05/89-04/98 DSC Communications Corporation   02/97-04/98   Senior Director, ATM/Frame Relay Switch Development 12/95-02/97   Senior Director, CDMA Wireless Local Loop Development (Airspan) 08/94-12/95   Director International Litespan Development

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Cisco Virtual Class Requirements

Instructors that provide Cisco Webex Deliveries —  Please read!   We received the following email from Cisco and here is the PDF document Virtual Course Delivery Practices_v1:   We also received the following Best Practices for Metrics That Matter.   Please read both! Thanks!!   —————————————————————————– Hi,   Many of you have asked for our documentation

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Network and Product Design Support

Delivery of technical development programs on schedule, and on budget, can be accomplished – albeit not very often.  Some programs boast on-time performance after a six month schedule-shuffle or a detailed content change delays.  We can provide you with a tool set to properly communicate and manage programs so that schedules and costs are maintained….and

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