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Welcome to our home on the Internet, where we can not only share information, but also interact with each other. If you are a visitor to the site, there are a number of things to view: our FAQ’sNetworking and Computing Tips, our CellStream Blog, and other fun reading can all be found in the drop down menus above.  The Training menu provides access to our coursesour course calendar, and learning services.  The Consulting Menu provides information on our consulting services and a place to meet our consulting and teaching team.  Registered CellStream folks and our clients will log in using their private credentials to access projects, calendars and discussions.

Thanks for visiting! We always welcome comments and suggestions.  You can also join our Discord Server here!

Our Windows Networking Toolkit

Well folks, I have decided to make this toolkit available to all. Just download it here. If you work in networking and you have to use a Windows machine, it is literally impossible to memorize all the networking commands. I have written numerous articles discussing some of the features in the toolkit. You can peruse

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CSI-SP-007 – Networking 101 for Technicians

CellStream, Inc. – Telecom Consulting and Training!  1-Day, Instructor Led, Web Based Delivery or Self Paced, OnlineMinimum: 10 StudentsWeb Based Delivery: Max class size is 30On Site Delivery: Max class size is 20 Click here to go to the Online Class.   What Students are Saying about this class: “Great class. Very information packed. In-depth for

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Messing Around with IPv6 Temporary Addresses in Windows

Yesterday I wanted to mess around with IPv6 Temporary addresses on my computer. Let me start with an overview of IPv6 Temporary addresses. IPv6 Temporary Addresses are a feature designed to enhance privacy for devices using the IPv6 protocol. In the IPv6 addressing scheme, devices typically have both a permanent (static) address and one or

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Subnetting Tools can be Wrong!

I just wanted to make a quick post on a conversation I couldn’t help but jump in on in the Network Engineering Professionals group on LinkedIn. Truthfully I ignore a lot of errors – and there are a lot of errors and incorrect statements/drawings/diagrams etc. that I simply do not understand how they make it

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CSI-HO-020-L – Advanced Packet Analysis with Wireshark- 2.5 Day

   CellStream, Inc. – Telecom Consulting and Training!             2.5-Day Instructor Led Hands On Lab ClassAvailable in either Web Based delivery or On-Site DeliveryMinimum 10 students – Maximum 16 students What Students are saying about this class Course Description: Once you have learned the fundamentals of the Wireshark® application and how

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Using Traceroute to Determine Paths Through the Internet

How does my traffic to a site on the Internet get there? What path did it follow? These are great questions, and I will attempt to answer them in this article. When you’re on the Internet, information or requests sent from your computer don’t reach the destination computer in a single jump – or hop

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