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Welcome to our home on the Internet, where we can not only share information, but also interact with each other. If you are a visitor to the site, there are a number of things to view: our FAQ’sNetworking and Computing Tips, our CellStream Blog, and other fun reading can all be found in the drop down menus above.  The Training menu provides access to our coursesour course calendar, and learning services.  The Consulting Menu provides information on our consulting services and a place to meet our consulting and teaching team.  Registered CellStream folks and our clients will log in using their private credentials to access projects, calendars and discussions.

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Zero-to-Hero on Wireshark Columns

When you first start using Wireshark you will find that the great folks at Wireshark provide us with a “Default” profile.  This is where we all started.  We will call this our Zero starting point.  Here is what it looks like: That default, whilst a great starting point leaves much to be desired as your

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Find and Display All Your Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows

If you have been to one of my Wireshark or Wi-Fi classes then you know I often criticize Microsoft Windows for some of its – well – inexplicable approaches to usage and security.  Here is yet another example.  Let’s say someone has a Rubber Ducky, or some Arduino device, that they want to plug into

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Troubleshooting The Internet Using Ping (a.k.a. ICMP)

In this article, I wanted to provide a guide to using ping – ICMP Echo – to troubleshoot your network.  Most people use ping on their platform to test if they can reach a given destination.  Just open up a terminal (Linux or MAC OSx) or command line (Windows: Start> Run> cmd) and enter the

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BGP Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

In a recent class I was asked for some details on BGP Autonomous System (AS or ASN) Numbers.  I thought I would document and provide a more complete answer here for others to learn from as well. What is the AS Number? Let’s begin with a definition.  An Autonomous System Number (AS number or simply

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