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pexels photo 208494The heart of what we do at CellStream, Inc. is embodied in the telecommunications consulting services area. 

Consulting is often about designing solutions. 

Our fundamental philosophy in our consulting is to:

  • Design through action.
  • Designing with our clients, not for them.
  • We take a system level approach, rather than a specific deliverable approach.
  • We document our work, we use the cloud (this site) to share, to collaborate, and to measure.
  • We like to start small and design to scale globally.
  • We then infuse our solutions and designs into our clients systems.
  • We believe that solutions design is often an education for all the team players and likewise, education should be designed.
  • We also like to use visualization to unlock complexity.

The key benefits CellStream consultants bring to the table are as follows:

  • Up-to date technology and engineering expertise like Wi-Fi, IPv6, MPLS, Routing protocols, IPv4, DWDM and many more
  • Convergence Focus – bringing non-packet and packet-based traffic together – bringing wireline and wireless together
  • Packet-conscious – TCP/IP/MPLS as well as TDM
  • Privacy, Accuracy  – no one respects intellectual property as highly as we do (see our code of ethics)
  • Delivery on Commitments – our business relies on it!
  • Creative, Market Savvy Solutions

Let’s look at just some of the team’s capabilities.  Click on any of the Services listed to learn more.  You can also join us at our Slack workspace here.

CBRS Certified Professional Installer (CPI) Services Description

CellStream is proud to announce, and congratulates, Mr. Andrew Walding on attaining his CBRS Certified Professional Installer certification from Google!  As discussed in the CBRS overview article, CBRS license holders need an account with one of the SAS providers, and then they need a CPI to actually certify and log their CBSD/Antennas into the SAS […]

CBRS Certified Professional Installer (CPI) Services Description Read More »

Wi-Fi and WLAN Site Survey Consulting Services

Whether you are a business or home user, we depend on Wi-Fi Networking today more than ever.  This dependency is only going to increase. Our expertise in Wireless combined with our deep networking background allows us to help anyone with issues of performance or operation of their Wi-Fi Network. We understand the detailed operations and

Wi-Fi and WLAN Site Survey Consulting Services Read More »

Security Assessment Services

Security of your network is paramount in today’s network centric society.  With security breaches increasing in complexity and diversity, assessing the potential security risk and exposure of your corporate assets is vital to management teams. Who should consider us? Our assessment service is targeted at the rural service provider community.  Our deep experience in the

Security Assessment Services Read More »

Network and Product Design Support

Delivery of technical development programs on schedule, and on budget, can be accomplished – albeit not very often.  Some programs boast on-time performance after a six month schedule-shuffle or a detailed content change delays.  We can provide you with a tool set to properly communicate and manage programs so that schedules and costs are maintained….and

Network and Product Design Support Read More »

Telecommunications and Technology Graphics and Animation

A picture says a thousand words.  A video/moving illustration can say a million! CellStream offers state of the technology graphics and animation services to clients in the legal, venture capital, and communications industries.  More information can be provided by contacting us (click on About> Contact Us at the top menu). To download a sample of

Telecommunications and Technology Graphics and Animation Read More »

White Paper, Documentation, and Collateral Creation and Review

User documentation has changed over the last several years.  Requirements are more centered around HTML based documents which are ready to use with simple web-browsers.   Users want clear, concise, easy to find answers and examples of how a product or service is used and configured.  Users don’t want a bunch of filler gobble-de-gunk in

White Paper, Documentation, and Collateral Creation and Review Read More »

RFP Creation and Response Support

Voice, Video, and Data Communications has become a very complex set of needs and services.  Communications technology is ever changing.  Staying on top of the changes while mastering the array of options and technology solutions can be bewildering. Combine that complexity with the normal ups and downs in the telecommunications economy, the continual lowered capital

RFP Creation and Response Support Read More »

Product/Service Requirements and Architecture Definition

A key service to many of our clients has been the creation and support of creation of product or network functional requirements specifications and/or architecture definitions.  These sometimes come in the forms of presentations, but usually involve requirements documents that are well researched, use industry specifications, and use the appropriate level of graphical content educating

Product/Service Requirements and Architecture Definition Read More »

Business Plan/Business Case Development and Analysis

Real-world, Real-time business requires swift, detailed, insightful and accurate planning. On any fall Sunday you can watch what happens when a poor game plan is attempted. CellStream can prepare or assist in preparing business cases, or analyze one you have already started.  We can help your game plan so you know when and what to

Business Plan/Business Case Development and Analysis Read More »

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