White Paper, Documentation, and Collateral Creation and Review

User documentation has changed over the last several years.  Requirements are more centered around HTML based documents which are ready to use with simple web-browsers.   Users want clear, concise, easy to find answers and examples of how a product or service is used and configured.  Users don’t want a bunch of filler gobble-de-gunk in binder-upon-binder.  Using the newer internet-based tools will accomplish the task for you.  This also allows documents to be placed on line within your Intranet, on your Internet web servers at your site and/or on the client’s site.

Do you already have documents, but need them converted?  No problem. 

White Papers and Application Notes

DocumentationServicesCommunicating what your product or service does can be accomplished in a variety of methods.  Name recognition and providing examples of how a product or service works are proven communications methods.

Publishing White Papers on your web site, passing them out to clientele, or presenting them at trade shows are superb tools to aide in these successful methodologies.   CellStream can produce product and application specific documents either in WEB-READY or Word Processing formats so you can enable these methods and take advantage of communicating with your customers.

Sales and Marketing Literature

What are your sales people carrying with them?  Do they have the tools to communicate with your customer effectively?  Do the brochures and literature you have today equal or better your competition?  Do they reflect the superior product capabilities and quality you are selling?

Any of the questions answered with a ‘no’ should cause you to consider getting some help and getting it fast.  Outsourcing this effort can lead you to a faster and less expensive solution to your challenges.

Composition of articles for the press and/or internal periodicals and magazines

Name recognition.  Displayed knowledge.  Authority.  Communications skills.  These are the essentials in fulfilling your product technical documentation.   Writing articles with clear, concise and accurate words, illustrations, and concepts are the tools for telecommunications professionals.  You can view some of our own articles on this web.

Documentation Review Services

So your team has worked tirelessly to create documents which will be used by your customers.  Who is reviewing those documents?  A ‘trial’ customer?  Perhaps the concept of having an outside group read and review the documents is an excellent idea, but why do this in front of a customer?  Consider using our experienced staff to do this for you.  CellStream will review, critique, and mark up your documentation BEFORE your customer does.

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