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library 32746 1280 2Every now and then we all need a little break to read something else, to just to allow our cerebellums to reset.  This behavior is a key part of generating creative thought.  Hopefully you will find something interesting to read below. Your comments are welcome.

The contents below are random information, entertainment, and other general fodder. The content does not reflect the views nor opinions of CellStream. If you would like to contribute something to post here, let us know.

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World IPv6 Launch Day – June 6, 2012

If you follow on Twitter (@awalding) or watch our Facebook page ( you already received my Tweet/Post about World IPv6 Launch Day.  Just announced, the day will be June 6, 2012, just a little less than a year after World IPv6 Day last summer on June 8th, 2011.  This is being organized by the Internet

World IPv6 Launch Day – June 6, 2012 Read More »

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