A Better and Complete IPv6 Bibliography

I have been teaching Hands On IPv6 courses since 2011 – OMG thats 10 years plus!!!

Over the course of time, the Internet Engineering Task Force and various companies have been expanding and detailing IPv6 implementation and specification.  As our students know, we are very diligent updating our courses thanks to our Online School and the ability to deliver our content in “soft” form.

One of the important things we all need is a bibliographic reference to anything we research or learn or teach.  The following is our IPv6 Bibliography, and we offer it to anyone that needs it.  Warning!  It is large, and getting larger all the time.  We have also included some not specific IPv6 references as they are necessary of course, which makes our bibliography more valuable than say doing a Google search, or an IETF RFC search..

All items are by first author order.

I have several options to grab this bibliography – there are several different formats:

ipv6_bibliography – text format

IPv6_bibliography – RTF format

IPv6_bibliography – CSV format

Do you need a different format? Let me know.

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