Hi Everyone!  Welcome to the Resources area.

From the Resources drop down menu, access to resources will vary depending on whether you are a visitor, or whther you are an employee contractor.


Visitors here will see two things:

  1. Our Wireshark Profiles Repository
    This is where we have – along with vetted contributors – a fantastic collection of Wireshark Custom Profiles that you can download and further customize to your preference.
  2. Our Public Documents Repository
    We have got three things here: fun (and now old) ASCII drawings, IPv6 information and further Wireshark information.  We encourage visitors to browse this information.


Hello customers!  Thanks for working with us.  Everything above is available to you.  Plus we have more for you at our Slack workspace which you can join by clicking this link.


If you are a contractor or employee, once logged in, you have additional access to some important information in this area of our web site.  This is where all the best practices, internal policies, references, and other information related to CellStream operations is located.  All contractors and employees should visit this area frequently for updates and new information.

You should be aware and sensitive to the fact that this is internal information.  As both employees and contractors, you under CellStream Non-Disclosure Agreement.  

Also – be sure to join the CellStream, Inc. Slack workspace here!

Access to the contents of this area is limited to employees and contractors.


CellStream, Inc. Invoicing Guidelines

CellStream, Inc. contractors and vendors should follow the guidelines below: Sending Invoices Please submit all invoices within 24 hours of completing an assignment/project/class.  Do not invoice ahead of assignments/project/classes.  In some cases we have to wait for your invoices before we send an invoice to our clients, so it is important to keep us on …

CellStream, Inc. Invoicing Guidelines Read More »

Writing Behavioral Objectives

What is a Behavioral Objective? An objective is a clear and unambiguous description of your educational expectations for students. When written in behavioral terms, an objective will include three components: student behavior, conditions of performance, and performance criteria. When writing or creating these objectives, you must consider the following three parts: Student Behavior — skill …

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Links to Important Cisco Systems and Places

Lab Router Preparation Tool – Click Here Engineering Education Internal Web Site – Systems Issues – Click Here Cisco Engineering Education Home Page – Click Here Cisco Engineering Education Calendar – Click Here Cisco Engineering Education Events Home Page – Click Here Cisco Travel Network Home page – Click Here TechViz Program Home Page – …

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Four Levels of Evaluation

From the Author: Donald Kirkpatrick 1. Level 1 — REACTION — Did they like it?2. Level 2 — LEARNING — Did they learn anything?3. Level 3 — BEHAVIOR — Will they use what they learned to perform better?4. Level 4 — RESULTS — Are we meeting organizational goals?

Creating Questions

As part of our course and materials process, it is important to create quizzes and test questions to strengthen knowledge. We provide the following words, terms, and other notes to hopefully spur your creativity in accomplishing this. Knowledge Useful Verbs tell list describe relate locate write find state name Sample Question Stems What happened after…? …

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