Where is the Internet Filtered or Censored?

A great web site called the Open Internet Initiative (ONI) provides statistics and views of what type of filtering and censorship of the Internet is carried out where.

From the ONI website: “The ONI collects global data on Internet filtering using technical and contextual tools. Our analysis is based on a fusion of expert (qualitative) and statistical (quantitative) methods, and represents the current state of filtering drawn from ONI’s on-going survey work. ONI testing is an ongoing and evolving process. We continue to refine our analytical toolset and document new methods and means by which information on the Internet is shaped and filtered. The categories embedded in our maps are provided as an aid to interpreting results, rather than an absolute measure of how countries filter.”

You can find the web site at: http://opennet.net/




The grey areas offer some level of filtering, the red and yellow offer greater filtering, and the white areas offer no filtering at all of Internet content.


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