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Are you an early technology adopter?

Are you one of those people that always has the latest tech in their pocket, on their desk, or in their backpack?  Early adoption does not just apply to things you can touch and buy, but can also be to web services and apps.  If so you would probably consider yourself an early adopter.  

I have always considered myself an early adopter, and may I add expensively so.  Rencently, however, I read an article about someone who considers themselves an early adopter.  The article explained that this person did not buy his tech from Amazon or Best Buy or Costco.  Instead he usually purchased his tech from two places:

I had heard of both as sites that use crowd funding to help entrepeneurs with developing and delivering new products and ideas.  I went to the sites with a new source of curiosity.  What products could I find?Screen Shot 2016 04 11 at 11.49.06 AM

Take a look yourself:

And here:

Next thing I knew an hour had gone by!

In retrospect, and in consideration of the term early adopter, I realized I may not be as early as others.  Hopefully this helps you to be an early adopter as well!


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