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RFPRFQRFIVoice, Video, and Data Communications has become a very complex set of needs and services.  Communications technology is ever changing.  Staying on top of the changes while mastering the array of options and technology solutions can be bewildering.

Combine that complexity with the normal ups and downs in the telecommunications economy, the continual lowered capital expense budgets (CAPEX), lowered opeartional expense (OPEX) goals of the organization, and at the same time explosive demands for bandwidth and you have a perfect storm.  Mastering all the technology complexity against this storm creates a challenging gap that is difficult to fill for anyone working in the enterprise network, service provider network, or equipment manufacturing space.

Often, the result is doing more with less – reduced staffing levels.  Sometimes this has cut into key, experienced staff resource pools:

  • Fewer technical staff to cover, understand and consider the new technologies.
  • Fewer project and program staff to assess the options.
  • Sales personnel are covering more accounts with less time for each.

Nonetheless, both service providers and enterprises continue to issue studies, RFP’s, RFI’s, and RFQ’s.  It is critical that to keep pace with the technological developments, everyone is responding with competitive solutions, establishing clear technical and market positions, taking advantage and growing with the developments.  Using “cookie cutter” approaches just does not work.

CellStream Consulting professionals can add key experience and knowledge to your Technical, Sales and Marketing teams with the necessary knowledge, and lower cost, temporary resources to tender competitive proposals as well as project manage the process to completion.  We can coordinate multi-departmental efforts easily and privately using our web-based intranet tools.  We also emphasize strategic planning and positioning in creation of responses and plans.

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RFQ = Request for Quote

RFP = Request for Proposal

RFI = Request for Information

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