Technical Skills Development

  • Focus on skills-based training, not just knowledge-based training

  • Enhancement and Revitalization of knowledge capital programs

  • Creation of new skill capital programs with the most effective

    techniques in the industry

  • Assured of key, current telecommunications content and expertise

  • Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability

You can get a feel for the quality of our program capabilities by viewing our tutorials.  If you need more information on any of our skill related services, click here and we will contact you immediately (all contact information is kept strictly private).

We have built our own lab systems for instructional design, hands-on lab course development, course content verification, and network troubleshooting simulation.  These comprehensive systems allow for skills based training to occur anywhere on the globe, as we have designed the system to be accessible using the Internet.

Network / Applications Skill and Knowledge Capital Programs

Looking at a new technology for introduction into your network?  Wi-FI?  MPLS?   VoIP?  IPv6?  IP Switching?
How does the application of these technologies affect the network we are using today?

CellStream can come into your organization, prepare a knowledge capital program custom tailored to your organization’s network needs and provide a non-product influenced analysis.

Development Process Improvement Program

The barriers to completing projects on time and on budget are numerous and complex.
Few people know exactly what the secret ingredients to accomplishing this monumental requirement is.
Truth be known, making targets requires focus, commitment, confidence and reward.  It is a special and difficult recipe.
Having accomplished this more than one time in our past, the methods and process understanding can be used to help your organization too.

Want to discuss this with us further?  Click the red Contact button to contact us for more information, or reach out to us via our Discord Server here.

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