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Why Your Team Needs L2 Ethernet Training

Ethernet began as a Local Area Network (LAN) technology that provided world class speed at lower cost.  In more recent times, Ethernet has become the delivery mechanism for Fiber to the Home and Business and the transport mechanism within the service provider network.  With speeds of up to 100Gig and 400Gig, it is the only technology that allows traffic aggregation and multiplexing to meet the consumer unquenchable thirst for bandwidth.  However, from day 1, Ethernet is a “lossy” protocol – meaning it silently discards errored frames.  Because Ethernet arrived after TCP/IP, it had to be “glued into the stack”, with additional protocols.  This is why your team needs L2 Ethernet Training.

L2 Ethernet is used everywhere, in the data center, in multi-Tenant buildings, using VLAN’s to separate customer and business traffic.  Ethernet can also be used as a Layer 2 VPN service (metro-Ethernet) locally or worldwide, again keeping customer traffic separate and secure.  Ethernet is fast and relatively cheap, and easy?  Click and forget for the end user!  But is Ethernet easy for networking professionals?

Your team needs to understand Ethernet wiring, addressing, Ethernet VLAN’s, the ARP protocol, Spanning Tree, along with solid Ethernet troubleshooting and analysis with Wireshark as baseline set of skills.  A solid understanding across the team improves communication, reduces call backs, and ensures customer satisfaction improvements.

What is the benefit of our L2 Ethernet training courses?

We have been teaching Ethernet using hands on lab exercises that cover every subject mentioned for many years.  We combine lecture with Hands On learning as the best way to not just understand, but to comprehend the technology and the behavior of Ethernet networking.  We price our courses affordably with delivery options that minimize cost and travel.  Learning doesn’t stop at the end of our 2-day class: students can continue to access course materials/labs and references for 60 days using our online school, plus they get extended access to the instructors.

Why use CellStream for Technical Training?

CellStream, Inc. has been serving the independent service providers since 1998 with quality training across a variety of different technologies.  We have provided network design services, security assessments, and much more.  Our broad technology expertise of wired and wireless has resulted in praise from our students.

We use the best teachers, who are the authors of the material, not a trainer training someone else’s materials.  Therefore, our teachers have done the research, can handle the student questions, explain technologies from a variety of viewpoints, and we have years of experience.  Our teachers love what they do, and they are passionate about the technologies they teach.  This provides an optimal learning experience.

What we have to offer?

We have incorporated Ethernet into our rural service provider certification program.  We offer stand alone Ethernet courses, as well as integrated Ethernet and IPv4 or Ethernet and IPv6 courses.  Our courses are generally 2-day affairs, so two back-to-back courses can be held in one week.  We can also customize our courses for specific groups/companies if needed.  We can teach on site, or online.  We offer certificates of training for normal classes and certification for those who chose a more wholistic training program.

Visit and browse our L2 Ethernet courses here.

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