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Welcome Fellow Packet Analysts/Sniffers, Network Troubleshooters, and Wireshark geeks!

We have been asked countless times over the years to share, and provide a sharing place for, Wireshark Profiles.  You can also find these profiles on Github: https://github.com/amwalding/wireshark_profiles 

Wireshark profiles allow you, the user, to customize the Wireshark GUI, to tune Wireshark, to a particular protocol, to a particular view, or to a particular task.  This is accomplished by changing preferences, color rules, display and capture filters, columns and contents, and much more.

As most of you who are Wireshark users know, this is perhaps the most important capability of Wireshark that speeds troubleshooting and elimination of false positives.  Check out this video on the power of Wireshark Profiles:

 Yet there are almost no repositories for Wireshark profiles.  


In fact, I just attended a Wireshark related Webinar where one of the presenters said (and I quote exactly) they “do not like sharing profiles”, because, they said “you don’t know what things have been set in the profiles that you yourself have not created”!


Sounds to me like always starting from scratch is a great way to drive up their consulting hours while limiting knowledge share.

I mean, I get the point, someone could sneak something into the profile that is bad.  So you should be wary of this.  You should unzip a zipped profile and make sure it only contains TXT files.  That said, this is no reason to not share profiles.  It’s like saying you should not use open source software because you never know who inserted something into the code.  Possible, but in the long run, as long as you are watchful and wary, not sharing profiles is ridiculous.  

We try to state below what changes we have made, additions to, etc. the profiles we offer.  WE DO NOT POST ANYTHING WE WOULD CONSIDER SHADY.

How To Use Our Repository Profiles

It is now super easy to add our profiles to your Wireshark system.

Simply download the profile you want (they are all zipped).

Then from your Wireshark GUI, right click on the lower right corner of the Wireshark GUI – in the Profile box:

Then simply select: Import> from zip file, and pick the file from your downloads directory.

Done!  Now you can switch to the profile and check it out!

We have always shared our profiles, but we have never opened up a place for others to share back!  So after much consideration, we have decided to give this a try!  

Contribute to Our Profile Repository

We have always had the position that it would be unsafe to simply open this up to anyone who wishes to upload anything.  So if you wish to contribute a profile, or you modify/improve one of these profiles, please zip up the profile and email me (andyw@cellstream.com)!  I will post sent profiles here.

Also, feel free to browse our other Wireshark related articles and information here!

Click on the Title to get more information, or click on the download button to the right to simply download the ZIP


IEC 60870-5 Profile
1 file(s) 4 downloads
TCP SACK Analysis Profile for Wireshark
1 file(s) 19 downloads
NVMe Profile for Wireshark
1 file(s) 15 downloads
NVMe-oF Profile for Wireshark
1 file(s) 13 downloads
iSCSI Profile for Wireshark
1 file(s) 13 downloads
L2 RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) Profile for Wireshark
1 file(s) 12 downloads
GRE Tunnel Profile
1 file(s) 172 downloads
GVSP Protocol Profile
1 file(s) 102 downloads
A SMB protocol Profile for Wireshark
1 file(s) 205 downloads
Video Traffic Profile
1 file(s) 245 downloads
An MGCP Profile
1 file(s) 89 downloads
A profile specifically for Check Point Firewalls
1 file(s) 219 downloads
5G Diameter Protocol Profile
1 file(s) 422 downloads
5G SCTP Profile
1 file(s) 442 downloads
A Security Focus Profile (not Wireless Security)
1 file(s) 721 downloads
Deep Space Networking: a DTN profile from Laura Chappell
1 file(s) 1152 downloads
TFTP Protocol Profile with Packet Diagram (Wireshark v3.3.0 and later)
1 file(s) 1267 downloads
A Better Default profile with Redaction (for v3.4.0 and later)
1 file(s) 1395 downloads
A Better Default profile with Packet Diagram (for v3.4.0 and later)
1 file(s) 1855 downloads
USB Capture Profile
1 file(s) 1726 downloads

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