A Wireshark TCP IPv6 Focused Troubleshooting Profile (Wireshark 3.4.0 and onwards)

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A Wireshark TCP IPv6 Focused Troubleshooting Profile (Wireshark 3.4.0 and onwards)

Updated 1/10/22 from feedback, and new features of Wireshark 3.4.0! Thanks to your comments! Enjoy!

Most network engineers and technicians are quickly discovering that with "everything over IP" we are required to understand exactly what this means. 

Traditionally, for most data communications this means transport IPv4 over TCP (although QUIC over UDP is gaining major momentum).  We are finding that IPv6 represents more than 50% of the traffic on the Internet now. 

Beyond IPv6, todays network engineer skills require the ability to troubleshoot TCP.  To troubleshoot TCP you have to look at the packets.  To look at the packets, the best tool is Wireshark!

For those of you who love Wireshark and are supporting TCP, we would like to offer a great default profile for TCP - this time with an IPv6 focus.  

Consider for a moment what would be important in your network administration in TCP over IPv6:

  • Knowing the key components of information to track both IPv6 and TCP behavior
  • Being able to identify both IPv6 and TCP packets with certain pertinent information
  • Being able to detect interesting IPv6 and TCP process issues

Here are the columns we have created:

2022 01 10 8 59 02

We added a ton of nested display filter buttons.  These allow you to filter and hunt for a variety of packet types, wuickly narrowing your troubleshooting process while gathering evidence along the way:

2022 01 10 9 06 30

Andy if you click on the "L3" drop down, you will find all the IPv6 related filters as well:

2022 01 10 9 08 36

We also added Coloring rules - which some color haters can simply turn off, or you can edit to your preferences.

Start using this IPv6 and TCP Troubleshooting profile right away and you will see, it is like the springboard for your troubleshooting and packet analysis.

What would you change?

What would you add?

Let us know.  We thank all who have contributed to this profile over the years.  Follow us on Twitter to receive notifications of updates to our profiles: @awalding and/or check us out on Github: https://github.com/amwalding/wireshark_profiles

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