CSI-SP-001 – POTS to Pipes 1


The Fundamentals of TCP/IP for Service Provider
Managers / Engineers / Marketing

Course Description:

Attended by thousands of students around the country already, this one-day course is jammed with information and learning. This course focuses on the basics of the Internet, the OSI model, IP Addressing and subnetting, IP Routing, TCP and UDP operation and impact, Quality of Service, and IP Services implementation overview (VoIP, Video, etc.). It is a superb survey of technologies helping both technical and non-technical staff to understand the key technology drivers that impact services delivery today.

All these subjects are presented in clear reference to the TDM and Voice switching world, contrasting and explaining the IP approach to what most service providers have mastered already. This is the fastest and most dense way to come up the learning curve on IP. It is also filled with discussion of the challenges of these services and will be informative to managers and technical people alike.

Note: For the those students who want to take this course to the next level, requiring hands on skills, we offer a 2.5 day course with hands on skills. Some students will attend the one-day seminar with management and then attend the 2.5 day hands on course. The Hands-On version of this course details are available – click here

Course Length:

1-Day, Instructor Led or Web Based Delivery.
Minimum: 10 Students, Maximum 40 Students

Course Outline:

  • Part 1: The Groundwork
    • Overview and Introductions
    • Introduction to IP & the Internet
    • Access and Applications of IP
  • Part 2: Demystifying the TCP/IP Stack Operation
    • The Layer 4 Protocols
    • Layer 3 IP and Addressing
    • IP Subnet Addressing
    • The Next Generation IP – IPv6
  • Part 3: The Ins and Outs of High Performance IP Networking
    • Basics of Intelligent, Distributed Routing
    • Enhancing Basic Routing with MPLS
    • IP VPN Services
    • IP Multicast Services
  • Part 4: Delivering Quality with IP Networks
    • Basics of QoS
    • Traffic Engineering the IP Backbone
    • Providing Resiliency and Protection
  • Part 5: Using IP to Generate Services Revenue
    • VoIP
    • IP TV
    • Emerging/Other Applications

Course Availability:

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