The BBS – Bulletin Board System – Before App Stores and Email

As Thanksgiving 2010 quickly approaches, we are reminded to give thanks for everything we have, no matter how small.  This requires that you look back and consider where you have been and what you have accomplished.  Understandably, the memories aren’t all that great in every case.  Nevertheless, in this mode I was considering the past and remembered two significant things in the history of CellStream that were obvious signs of the future to come (if I had only known).

First –

Back in the mid 1980’s one of the predecessors of CellStream was constituted in an Intel 8088 based PC and two US Robotics modems running RyBBS first, then WILDCAT! later.  I was the Sysop or System Operator.  It was the TechKnowledge BBS, often called “Protocol Heaven”.  For those of you not recongnizing the term BBS – it stands for Bulletin Board System.  Basically, you hooked up your computer to a phone line or two running the BBS Software, and people could use their computers to call your system over dial up (running at 1200 baud at first – roughly 100 characters per second), and they could post messages to message groups, exchange software, play games, and many other functions.  This preceded email as we know it today by at least 5 or 6 years.  Eventually a bunch of Sysops got together and with some clever software add-ins, we formed a network of BBS systems that would dial each other in the middle of the night when the calls were cheap and exchange pre-set pools of message boards adding ones our users had posted and then passing on the pool around the group – it was called Fido-Net. 

Why did I call it “Protocol Heaven”?  Well, as I have always been fascinated with networking protocols, The TechKnowledge BBS was known to support more networking protocols than anyone else I could find, and trust me, I hunted.  I have put a file directory listing of the download diretory at the bottom of the article!

I have been thinking of resurrecting the BBS – just for fun on a Virtual Machine, but alas, none of my 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drives work with anything I have anymore!Cry

Second –

Way before the iTunes App Store of the BlackBerry Super Apps was a place called PalmGear.  It was a web site that supported folks like us uploading application you could run on your Palm Pilot (another US Robotics creation).  You can still find three of our applications online there!



This was 2001 folks!!  I still have the original US Robotics Palm Pilot.  It still works too.



Here is a list of the directory from the BBS:

121_V22.ZIP   CHAT and transfer files at the same time! 
15_846B.ZIP   Software Setup "Stop" Booklet for Sportster Modems. 
16550U.ZIP    16550 A UART Control Program v1.0 to set UART parameters. 
440RPT.ZIP    A current list of active 440 Mhz UHF ham repe 
550DOC.ZIP    All the Info Needed on 16550 Uart and the Related Boards. 
96CDAGC1.ZIP  96cdagc1 List of Over 1830 BBS in Canada At 9600+. 
96DB0992.ZIP  9600+ bps BBS List for 9/92.  
ABMDEMO.ZIP   ABM vers. of HDLC communications protocol demo 
ACCULINK.ZIP  An asynch outdial service  
ACE175.ZIP    AceComm v1.75 communications program. 
ACE181A.ZIP   AceComm version 1.81 Hi-Speed Modem communication program. 
ACE181B.ZIP   AceComm version 1.81 Hi-Speed Modem communication program. 
ACSPG20.ZIP   Send Text to Alpha Pagers, Emulates Motorola. 
ACU.ZIP       Hayes text regarding new low cost modem line. 
ADDEXT40.ZIP  External protocol manager for comm programs 
AIR80010.ZIP  Search for airlines 1-800 numbers by name.  
ALAD161.ZIP   Aladdin 1.61 Genie navigator  
ALAD162.ZIP   Aladdin v1.62 front end for Genie  
ALAD163.ZIP   New Version of Genie Info Service Aladdin Interface V1.63. 
ALAD170.ZIP   The Genie Network Automated Front End Program. 
ALL_N_1.ZIP   Phone dialer database. Very good.  
ALM101.ZIP    Library Manager for Alladin(Genie auto mesg). 
AM11.ZIP      AutoMate v1.1 Script tool.  
AMAIL210.ZIP  AutoMAIL v2.10 Automated QWK/REP mail.  
ANALG131.ZIP  Analog V1.31 is a Wonderful Commo Log Analyzer. 
APEX40.ZIP    Apex V4.0 Message Processor for OLX and Qmpromail. 
ARCML312.ZIP  More New Features Added to Arcmail 2.07!  
ASM_TERM.ZIP  Simple interrupt-driven terminal w/src/A86asm 
ASYNC.ZIP     Asynchronous communications routines 
ASYNC1.ZIP    COMM driver [.ASM] 
ASYNC2.ZIP    COMM driver [.ASM] 
AT2_13B.ZIP   AT2 V1.3b Send AT Commands to Your Modem.  
ATCOMAND.ZIP  AT Commands for HAYES compatible modems.  
ATCONVRT.ZIP  AT Command conversion chart. Obtained from the Boca BBS. 
ATL_AREA.ZIP  Scanner Freq. for Atlanta Area.  
ATMOD.ZIP     A tine modem communication program.  
ATO68C.ZIP    ATO v6.8C: communications program.  
ATOBR300.ZIP  ATOBRO v3.00: allows you to view CIS forum. 
ATODOC.ZIP    ATO v6.8C: communications program to automate 
ATOSUB21.ZIP  Lists Contents of An Autosig File.  
ATPLUS11.ZIP  At-plus V1.1 Send At Commands to Modem. 
ATSEND15.ZIP  Sends "AT" commands to Hayes compt.form Dos. 
ATSEND18.ZIP  AtSend 1.8: Sends modem AT commands in Batch 
ATTSYSOP.ZIP  AT&T DataPort 14.4/Fax Modem Sysop Pricing Program. 
ATZ120.ZIP    Utility: Send A Text String to Modem Via FOSSIL Interface. 
AUFONT.ZIP    Auto Font Writer for Making Ascii Signs.  
AUTODL20.ZIP  Auto Dialer v2.0, simple modem dialer  
AUTODL33.ZIP  AUTODL Telix v3.1x scripts for protocol initiated transfers. 
AUTOSC10.ZIP  Auto Script v1.0 TSR script player  
AUTOSIG.ZIP   Automates CIS Ziffnet forums.  
B2C10.ZIP     Allow Use of Bfx Fax/Data Front End with Wildcat! 3.X. 
BACKBON.ZIP   How to Get An Echo on the Fido Backbone.  
BACKCOMM.ZIP  Background Communications 1993.  
BACKFILE.ZIP  Logfile Manager Renames Zips Files.  
BACKMAIL.ZIP  TSR personal background file/message transfer 
BATSHELL.ZIP  Batch Shell v1.00: tag files to upload w/GSZ. 
BBPOWERI.ZIP  Power file transfer shell (Bytebrothers) 
BBS0492B.ZIP  Thelist- IBM National BBS List For 04/15/92. 
BBS105.ZIP    BBS 2.05 and Dial 2.13 from Microfox Company. 
BBS110.ZIP    Easy to use Comm program to upload/download from BBS's. 
BBSCOMM.ZIP   The BBS 10+ Commandments!.  
BBSDB12.ZIP   BBS Database Door (lister of boards).  
BBSEE22A.ZIP  BBSee Powerful BBS Disk Catalog System (1-4). 
BBSEE22B.ZIP  BBSee Powerful BBS Disk Catalog System (2-4). 
BBSEE22C.ZIP  BBSee Powerful BBS Disk Catalog System (3-4). 
BBSEE22X.ZIP  BBSee Powerful BBS Disk Catalog System (4-4). 
BBSLAW.ZIP    Electronic Communications Private Act.  
BCALCST3.ZIP  Intellicomm(0.93) script for PCB time deposit 
BD.ZIP        PC Mag util (V11N9-May 12,92) (TSR comm pgm) 
BGDIAL11.ZIP  Background autodialer for MS-DOS 
BGFT301A.ZIP  Background File Transfer (BGFT) v3.01. 1/2. 
BGFT301B.ZIP  Background File Transfer (BGFT) v3.01. 2/2. 
BGFT302A.ZIP  Use BackGround File Transfer in DOS. File 1 of 2. 
BGFT302B.ZIP  Use BackGround File Transfer in DOS. File 2 of 2. 
BGFTS211.ZIP  Background FIle Transfer v2.11  
BGFTW211.ZIP  Background File Transfer 211 add-on  
BIMLOG10.ZIP  Bimodem Log file analyzer.  
BIMOD125.ZIP  BiModem 1.25 - bidirectional protocol w/chat 
BIMPRO31.ZIP  Bimodem Pro (Pampa) V3.1. 
BIN2ASC1.ZIP  Convert Any Binary File to A Text File. 
BKLA104.ZIP   BinkleyTerm Log Analyzer v1.04  
BLDLST11.ZIP  Builds An Userlist from a Pip Message Area. 
BLTCAP15.ZIP  BLTCAP V 1.5 Bulletin Capture Program for ICO 
BNP410.ZIP    Bnp v4.10, Many Bug Fixes, Much Faster.  
BOCA14.ZIP    Some Boca 14.4 Modem Setup Parameters.  
BOCA14FM.ZIP  Optimum Boca 14400 Setup. Help Where Needed. 
BOCAHLP.ZIP   A good selection of Boca.MDM and help files. 
BOXIT14.ZIP   A Utility Program For Slmr Mail Reader.  
BQUOTE12.ZIP  Quoting utility for SLMR/OLX BBS mail readers 
BREAKBOX.ZIP  Software-based RS232 breakout box 
BREAKIN.ZIP   Protect Your PC While Away.  
BRKBX140.ZIP  BrkBox v1.40, RS-232 BreakOut Box; COM 1-4  
BUG13.ZIP     A 3K Complete com program.  
BWS_12.ZIP    Blue Wave Save v1.2 combine saved BBS messages 
BYTECOMM.ZIP  Background COMM pgm w/TC2.0 source (BYTE Mag.) 
C3FAXD.ZIP    Clarion 3 Fax Library. 
C64TERM.ZIP   Color Terminal prg for Logging on to a C64. 
C64TRM5B.ZIP  C64TERM now supports NS16550 UART  
CALL3012.ZIP  SpeedCall 30 ver 1.2  
CALL4.ZIP     Disable call-waiting. with BASIC source.  
CALLERID.ZIP  Use Caller Id Service on Your Computer.  
CALLIT.ZIP    Track call anyone using your modem.  
CARRIER.ZIP   Program to detect CARRIER presence.  
CATBX16A.ZIP  The Catalog Toolbox V1.6a. 
CBIP_KIT.ZIP  Kit for obtaining bin.files- Intnet/Usenet. 
CCREDIR.ZIP   Redirect Complete Communicator phone calls 
CCSP080.ZIP   External file transfer protocol for Speedmodem 
CEXYZ100.ZIP  Freeware Windowed Fossil or Direct Comms Protocol Module. 
CHKCD10.ZIP   Check For Carrier on Specified Com Ports.  
CHKMODEM.ZIP  Finds a modem & checks its status, w/source 
CIL23KIT.ZIP  Add 23 External Protocols.  
CILINK20.ZIP  Cedar Isl& Link v2.0 Terminal program.  
CILINK3D.ZIP  Cedar Island Link v3.0d BBS-oriented modem pgm 
CILNK215.ZIP  Cedar Island Link 2.15. Communications prog 
CILNK233.ZIP  CI Link 2.33, unique terminal program  
CILNK252.ZIP  Elegantly simple to use Mouse-Based COMM pgm. 
CIMOZ2AD.ZIP  Cimoz2ad V1.0. Converts CIM 2.0 data. 
CIS0216.ZIP   Compuserve Access #'S 2400/9600 As of 2/16/93. 
CISBL101.ZIP  CISBill v1.01: organizes CompuServe billing. 
CKCD11.ZIP    Check modem CD status from cmd line, w/TC src 
CKCOMI.ZIP    Check Com Ports/IRQs.  
CKCOMIRQ.ZIP  Ckcomirq v1.00: Diagnostic Software Utility. 
CMFDP500.ZIP  CM-FD-PROT v5.00 CompuMed FD Protocol interface. 
CMODEM44.ZIP  Cmodem v4.40, streaming file transfer protocol 
CMOTION1.ZIP  Commotion 1.0 Fully Functional (Data) Copy. 
CMS204V2.ZIP  Cms v2.04v2: Filetransfer Electronic Mail.  
COCOZEOS.ZIP  Communications Package for Zeos BBS Users.  
COM1234.ZIP   COM1234 Use all 4 com ports at same time.  
COM177A.ZIP   OS/2 beta 6.177n comm (16550A UART support). 
COM2COM.ZIP   Control your computer via modem  
COMBRAIN.ZIP  Combrain Relay Mail Modem Program. Provides. 
COMBT102.ZIP  Send/receive strings from com port.  
COMCAL30.ZIP  COM-CAL v3.0. Calls a selected when called. 
COMCALL1.ZIP  Monitors phone line in your absence.  
COMM.C        COMM driver [.C] 
COMM.DOC      Doc for COMM.C 
COMMIX.ZIP    Shareware PC networking system 
COMMLINK.ZIP  New and Powerful Communications Program. 
COMMO55.ZIP   DESQview-aware comm pgm w/macros,ext.protocols 
COMMO551.ZIP  Commo V5.51. Powerful, Communications Program. 
COMMOPNS.ZIP  Tag files from DIR list, write names to file 
COMMOU5O.ZIP  COMMO52 SD BBSs, logons, protocol macros 
COMPR312.ZIP  Compress Almost Any Log Format by of Days.  
COMSET9.ZIP   Test/initialize/reset modem and serial port 
COMST11.ZIP   Comset V11.0. Setup/Test Modems/Uarts. 
COMSYS.ZIP    COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS dated 10-13-93 for OS/2 2.1. 
COMTAP21.ZIP  Comtap v2.1. Serial Communications.  
COM_AND.ZIP   Com-and Release 10. Dialing Directory, Macros. 
COM_PKG1.ZIP  COMM drivers (source only) 
COM_PKG2.ZIP  COMM drivers (source only) 
COM_PKG3.ZIP  COMM drivers (source only) 
CONEX61.ZIP   Term emulator: works over DECNET/TCP/COM1-4 
CONEX61D.ZIP  Freeware Terminal Program From Germany.  
CONEX62D.ZIP  Terminal program works over com,PC/TCP,BW/TCP 
COS150.ZIP    COSWORTH the FREE communications software.  
COURSE.ZIP    Listing of Courses.  
CP200.ZIP     Cherry Picker V2.0, New Tagline Manager. 
CSCOM.ZIP     CSCOM: comm program for calling CompuServe  
CSORT100.ZIP  C-Sort 1.00 Sorts Communique dialin directories. 
CSPSETUP.ZIP  CompuCom setup strings; d/l from CompuCom BBS 
CU_100.ZIP    Communique Term Program. Supports IEMSI  
CU_100G.ZIP   Communique v1.00 gamma communications program 
CU_101.ZIP    Communique v1.01 communications terminal.  
CU_111.ZIP    CU Version 1.11.  
CU_200.ZIP    Communique 2.00. Use Learn Terminal.  
DB9_DB25.ZIP  Wiring info: DB9 to DB25 serial connector 
DCEX90.ZIP    Digicom Exchange 1990.  
DCEX91.ZIP    Digicom Exchange 1991.  
DCEX92.ZIP    Digicom Exchange 1992.  
DDE_10.ZIP    Simple phone directory editor for PCPLUS  
DEC92WIZ.ZIP  December Wizard Codes for Satellite Dishes. 
DEMON25.ZIP   Optimize USR V32/HST/DS 14.4 modem throughput 
DEMONHST.ZIP  Demon HST v2.16. Auto-configure HST modems. 
DEPTY304.ZIP  Communication program with MNP5 support 
DESCRP22.ZIP  Steal file descriptions from PCBoards  
DIALCOMM.ZIP  Freeware Communications Program.  
DIALM50.ZIP   A phone auto dialing program.  
DIALT1.ZIP    Reads phone numbers from screen and dials them 
DIALTONE.ZIP  Touchtone (DTMF) dialer for the HP95LX.  
DIGDR409.ZIP  Digiboards Intelligent Driver for Pc/Xeseries from Intel. 
DIRCOP36.ZIP  DIRCOPY. Copy dialing dirs between Comm Progs 
DL400.ZIP     Upgrade for Intel Satisfaxtion 400 ModEM ONLY. 
DLC_247.ZIP   Download Counter v2.47 Max/Binkley.  
DLITE201.ZIP  New Version of Dlite an Online Delphi Term Program. 
DLM120.ZIP    Data Line Monitor. Makes PC a DATASCOPE 
DLOS2.ZIP     DLOS2 allows OS/2 users of DSI Connection 96+ SoftModems to 
DM_100.ZIP    Delmail v1.00 Deletes Old Mail.  
DM_V100.ZIP   Deletes 'Missing' File Entries from Files.bbs 
DNLD400.ZIP   Bug fix for Intel Satisfaxtion/400's eprom. 
DPDQ24.ZIP    DIAL-PDQ v2.4: Maintain telephone directory. 
DRTRK107.ZIP  Doortracking Program, Builds Bulletins.  
DSMODFIL.ZIP  Updated MODEMS.DAT for Procomm, Along with PCinstall. 
DTMF.ZIP      Sound Blaster Dtmf (Touch Tone) Decoder. 
DWIV421.ZIP   Wwiv v4.21 Bulletin Board System, Popular BBS 
DWNCLEAN.ZIP  Clean up your d/l directory based on CATDISK. 
DXV2M.ZIP     Graphical invite to call Data Express BBS.  
ECHO090B.ZIP  Allows you to send a line of text out the com port. 
ED42.ZIP      Easy Dialer v4.2, Phone dialer  
ED44.ZIP      Modem Auto-Dialer Database. v4.4.  
EDIAL33A.ZIP  Easy Dialer - Dial your phone with Modem 
ELINK40.ZIP   EaziLink 4.0: general purpose communications. 
ELSEWR22.ZIP  PC Anywhere clone, operate computer remotely 
EMKIT200.ZIP  EZ-E-Mail:Low cost Internet mail service PC SW 
EMMA22.ZIP    Communications utility for MCI mail users 
ESCCMM10.ZIP  Esc Menu Interface (Deluxe).  
ESPDISK.ZIP   High speed 16550a serial driver for WIN3 & OS2 
ETGCE10G.ZIP  Extended Terminal Graphics Editor.  
EURO0309.ZIP  Euronews 03/06/93.  
EXC12.ZIP     Exc v1.2: Script Processor for Dos.  
EXITCONV.ZIP  Utility to Run Current Doors Under New Ra.  
EXPROT35.ZIP  Easy external comm protocol manager shell 
EZPV11.ZIP    New Protocol Engine for X,y,s,g,zmodem. 
EZZCOMM.ZIP   Scripts for ZComm/ProYam from TeleGodziulla 
FAP200.ZIP    File Announce Program v2.00.  
FAST550.ZIP   Documentation for using 16550 serial ports. 
FASTFONE.ZIP  FastFone v1.0 automatic phone dialer.  
FAXBUDDY.ZIP  Prints Fast Simple Fax Cover Sheets.  
FAXDIR.ZIP    Troubleshooting Guide for Faxdirect From Wordperfect. 
FAXLIST.ZIP   Dialing utility for use with IBM's PS/2.  
FEB_93.ZIP    Baycom Exchange 02/93.  
FFTMORSE.ZIP  Sound-Blaster Fft Morse Code.  
FIRST110.ZIP  1Streader 1.10 the Complete Offline Reader. 
FIRSTPCB.ZIP  1Streader 1.10 Access Pcb's User's Guide.  
FONDIR55.ZIP  FonDir v5.5, Converts BBS list to dialing dir 
FONE2.ZIP     Describes proper wiring for inside your phone 
FONECAL2.ZIP  Modem calls pager when you have phone messages 
FONEF15A.ZIP  Fonefile V1.5a. Complete Name and Address. 
FORSYSOP.ZIP  SysOp discount deal on Sharp's 9600 bps modem 
FPCHK101.ZIP  Tips and Techniques on using a SupraFAXmodem and FaxTalk. 
FRA001.ZIP    Filesra Fixer-Upper.  
FRAFMOS.ZIP   AFMOSCOM is a uniquely designed open COM engine, split into 
FRGLOD10.ZIP  Hams: Yaesu Frg100 SW-RCVR Channel Data Prog. 
FSTHST22.ZIP  Set up US Robotics HST modem for fastest speed 
FTAG30.ZIP    TSR filename tagging utility for comm programs 
FTSCLIST.ZIP  FTSC Document Archive Directory.  
FTSCPROD.ZIP  FTSC Product Code List.  
FTTU110.ZIP   File Transfer Time Utility v1.10.  
FTTU120.ZIP   File Transfer Time Utility Calculator v1.20 
FTV20.ZIP     File Tagger, Time Estimator Combination  
FUTUR122.ZIP  TDD terminal program for the hearing impaired 
FWKLU116.ZIP  FWKLU116.ZIP remote Lookup kit use with FWKCS 
FXTERM.ZIP    Great New Term for Robo "Fx".  
GDSTERM.ZIP   From Gdsoft. Gui Terminal Program Allows External Protocols. 
GE10006G.ZIP  Gedit, Full Screen Message Editor.  
GED0240D.ZIP  New Version message editor [1of2].  
GED0240E.ZIP  New Version message editor [2of2].  
GENIUS15.ZIP  GENIUS v1.5 Comm terminal with EMS/XMS.  
GETFIL16.ZIP  Getfile v1.6 includes file descriptions  
GETFIL17.ZIP  Includes file descriptions when you download 
GETFIL17.ZIP  Includes file descriptions when you download 
GETS15.ZIP    BBS-controlled terminal pgm w/sound/graphics 
GETS15.ZIP    Decent comm program  
GGG_0100.ZIP  TW2 EGA/VGA graphics shell.  
GIFSHOW.ZIP   View a gif file while downloading it.  
GLASSTTY.ASM  Dumb terminal for GLASSMDM comm driver 
GOLD22.ZIP    Gold v2.2: TSR to use Kermit as an emulator. 
GRAF4MAX.ZIP  Graffiti Wall for Maximus.  
GS25OS2.ZIP   Initial port of ghostscript v2.5.os/2 supt. 
GT1800_1.ZIP  Gt Power V18.00a. Communications program. File 1 of 4. 
GT1800_2.ZIP  Gt Power V18.00a. Communications program. File 2 of 4. 
GT1800_3.ZIP  Gt Power V18.00a. Communications program. File 3 of 4. 
GT1800_4.ZIP  Gt Power V18.00a. Communications program. File 4 of 4. 
GTERM360.ZIP  Land of devastation graphic terminal program. 
GWTERM26.ZIP  Term Program For Global Wars Door Game V2.6. 
H96SYSOP.ZIP  Sysop discount deals for Hayes modems 
HAMCOM21.ZIP  HamCOMM v2.1 Ham Radio Comm program.  
HARVEY_5.ZIP  Harvey's Robot Mailer System. 
HAYDESC.ZIP   Official description of Hayes .32/.32bis  
HAYESESP.ZIP  Sample code for using the Hayes Enh.Ser Port. 
HOOK.ZIP      Takes a Hayes-compatible modem on or off hook 
HOST.ZIP      Host Modem to Telemate Dox. 
HOT80010.ZIP  Search for hotels 1-800 numbers by name.  
HPB.ZIP       Home-phone-book V2.5. Phone Book Program. 
HS112.ZIP     HS/Link high-speed bi-directional transfer  
HS120.ZIP     HSLINK External Protocol Release v1.20.  
HS120ANN.ZIP  Announcement of HSLINK Release 1.20.  
HS121B6.ZIP   Hs/Link External Protocol Beta Test. 
HSDFQMOD.ZIP  The correct bats for Q-modem 4.31 and hs-link 
HSINST11.ZIP  Info on how to install the HS/Link protocol. 
HSLNK112.ZIP  HS/Link Protocol Driver RELEASE v1.12.  
HSLSER10.ZIP  Hs/Link V1.0g1 Unlock/unprotect Phillips.  
HSLSHELL.ZIP  Shell Makes upload file list for HS-Link.  
HSQMBEW.ZIP   Optimize batch file transfers for HS/Link  
HST32BIS.SET  USR HSTDS V.32bis modem settings for use w/DDC 
HSTUPGD.ZIP   Info on upgrading the USRobotics HST9600 modem 
HST_SET5.ZIP  Setup tips for USR HST/DS/14400/v32bis modems 
HS_FILES.ZIP  Files for needed additions to all COMM progs. 
HS_GAP51.ZIP  Install HS/Link in GAP BBS 5.1  
HS_INST.ZIP   HS/Link external protocol installation tips 
HS_INST.ZIP   Instructions set-up files to install HS/LINK. 
HS_INST3.ZIP  Update Release of Hs-inst V3.0. 
HS_PB117.ZIP  Install HS/Link protocol with ProBoard 1.17 
HS_S1154.ZIP  Install HS/Link protocol in SuperBBS 1.15  
HS_SF30.ZIP   Install HS/Link in Spitfire BBS 3.0  
HS_SLBBS.ZIP  Install HS/Link in SearchLight BBS  
HS_UB208.ZIP  Install HS/Link in UltraBBS 2.08  
HS_VBB54.ZIP  Install HS/Link protocol in Virtual BBS 5.40 
HS_WC215.ZIP  Install HS/Link protocol in WildCat! v2.15  
HS_WC355.ZIP  Batch files for HSLink.  
HTERM.ZIP     Terminal comm for Japanese language w/ reader 
HVACNET.ZIP   Info on an HVAC echo network.  
HYDRAKIT.ZIP  HYDRA-COM v1.0, Bi-Directional Protocol.  
HYPERP11.ZIP  HYPERProtocol v1.1 Very fast and reliable  
HYPRP11F.ZIP  HyperProtocol v1.1f, fast file transfer module 
IBM_64.ZIP    Logon to 64/128 Boards With IBM Clones!  
ICOM094A.ZIP  Intellicomm Communications v0.94. File 1 of 2. 
ICOM094B.ZIP  Intellicomm Communications v0.94. File 2 of 2. 
ICOM100A.ZIP  IntelliComm Comm v1.0 Unattended 1/2  
ICOM100B.ZIP  IntelliComm Comm v1.0 Unattended 2/2  
ICOMBIF.ZIP   Intellicomm BIF for Canada Remote Systems  
IDFREQ13.ZIP  x-ref freqs with agencies using those freqs. 
IMLFAINF.ZIP  Doc File and Sample Reports from Imlfa10.  
INFOTERM.ZIP  Infoterm Plus. Excellent Comm Program. Mouse Support. 
INFPOP21.ZIP  InfoPop 2.10:TSR utility to help use Telenet. 
INIT_200.ZIP  Database contains more than 400 strings for modem init. 
INPCP100.ZIP  Fast Automated Dialer for PC-Pursuit.  
INTERCOM.ZIP  The INTERCOM Mail and file transfer program. 
INTERU7B.ZIP  INTERCOM UPDATE to ver 1.07b DeltaFile!  
JAN_93.ZIP    Digicom Exchange.  
JAXHOST6.ZIP  JaxHost v6.0; Office-to-home Host Comm pkg. 
JAXHOST7.ZIP  JaxHost v7.0; Office-to-home host comm package 
JCOMM.ZIP     Decent FREEWARE Communications programs.  
K9X.ZIP       This is a Good Comm Program Enjoy It.  
K9XHST_1.ZIP  Canine Express HST v1.10, HST version. 1 of 2 
K9XHST_2.ZIP  Canine Express HST v1.10, HST version. 2 of 2 
KMTRM120.ZIP  Kamterm Version 1.20 Host Mode Terminal Prg. 
KOMM.ASM      COMM driver 
KQWK100.ZIP   KingQWK The first non-beta release!  
LA3.ZIP       Prefix area code finder for LA area.  
LA31.ZIP      Find BBS #'s see their cost per minute.  
LAND106.ZIP   Allows Landscape Printing of ASCII Docs.  
LBCVT20.ZIP   Convert an ASCII capture file to new format. 
LC100.ZIP     Lcom v1.0 Comm/Terminal package  
LC105.ZIP     LCOMM v1.05 Communications Package  
LGIT101B.ZIP  Message Area Popularity Tracker.  
LGRING10.ZIP  Logs time and date of incoming phone calls 
LIB_32A.ZIP   IBM: MT-32/LAPC librarian v1.10 for Sysex  
LINE_STD.ZIP  Info on minimum phone line standards 
LL200E.ZIP    LAN-LINK Ham Communications PPackage  
LN_FLTR.ZIP   Circuit Diagram to reduce phone line noise. 
LOCALZ.ZIP    LocalZ v1.00-offline Zippy scans frm filelist 
LOG2.ZIP      Otw Logging v2.0 by K1otw.  
LOGIN10.ZIP   Implements of Logins Allowed Per Day.  
LOGR10.ZIP    TSR Monitors Your Com Port Reports Usage.  
LOGR11.ZIP    Logs time and date of incoming phone calls 
LS.ZIP        Unix ls utility, better than DOS dir command 
LYNC30.ZIP    Lync 3.0 small, fast comm utility.  
M1440ADD.ZIP  Help Info From Boca on Your 14.4 Modem!  
MAINHAY.ZIP   Hayes Modems Mainframe Configurations. 
MAKE9600.ZIP  Turn your Sloooo modem into a SPEDMASTER. 
MAXFH.ZIP     Fix Max/2 QWK File Handles.  
MAXHST3.ZIP   Maximize U.S. Robotics modem  
MBASE003.ZIP  Modem Base: offline BBS filelist handler.  
MBASE41.ZIP   ModemBase4.1 Offline BBS PRG TXT FILE Dbase! 
MC105DOC.ZIP  Multi-Com v1.05 communication pgm, 2of2, docs 
MC105PRG.ZIP  Multi-Com v1.05 communication pgm, 1of2, exes 
MCIMSNGR.ZIP  MCI FaxMail. Requires PAN subscription  
MDIC200.ZIP   The Modem Dictionary V2.00. Freeware. 
MDM400.ZIP    Misc Texts From Intel BBS About Modem/400(E). 
MDOC41.ZIP    Modem Doctor, Test Configure Your Modem.  
MDR30A.ZIP    MENUDIRECT v3.0 file/directory program mgr. 
MFS204.ZIP    Mesage Finder System. Works With Bluewave.  
MH060191.ZIP  MaxiHost: Ringback, callback, terminal Host 
MHST122.ZIP   Mankin's Megahost v1.16.  
MHXFR221.ZIP  External File Transfer Protocols for Megahost 2.21. 
MINES230.ZIP  Minefield v2.3 Uses Dorinfo Or Door.sys.  
MKAREA40.ZIP  V4.0 Areas.bbs Editor/Areafix Echo Utility  
MKDLIST.ZIP   Utility for use with HSLink 1.1.  
MLICK43.EXE   Slick Communications v4.3 small fast.  
MLINK100.ZIP  MicroLink v1.00  
MMLG_102.ZIP  Maximus Master List Generator v1.02.  
MMSCPT12.ZIP  MegaScript v1.2 for PCPlus and MegaMail  
MNPC12.ZIP    MNP protocol - includes Turbo C source 
MNP_10.ZIP    Description of MNP protocols 1 through 10 
MNP_10.ZIP    Description of MNP protocols 1 through 10 
MOD210A.ZIP   Perform basic modem ops w/in a BATch file.  
MODCMD16.ZIP  Sends commands to modem from DOS command line 
MODEM14.ZIP   Modem v1.4 Modem control Software (NOT MNP) 
MODEM20.ZIP   Detailed Explanation of MODEMS!  
MODEM293.ZIP  Procomm Plus 2.01 Modems.dat config. Includes 14,400 Baud. 
MODEM51.ZIP   51 Different Modem Initialization Strings.  
MODEMD52.ZIP  Modem Doctor v5.2s: Serial port modem diagnostics. 
MODEMD52.ZIP  Modem Doctor: Complete modem/UART diagnostics 
MODEMDAT.ZIP  Datastorm Modems Data. 
MODEMDOC.ZIP  NEW! ModemDoctor ver.4.0 Diagnostic utility. 
MODEMTXT.ZIP  Tutorial on operation of Hayes type modems 
MODFEVER.ZIP  Story of a modem addict 
MODM0518.ZIP  Latest Modems.Dat From Datastorm BBS 
MODM0617.ZIP  Latest Modems.Dat From Datastorm BBS. 
MODMART1.ZIP  Informative beginner's article about modems 
MPT110.ZIP    Matt Thomas' MPT protocol v1.10. Upgraded Puma 
MPTLOG10.ZIP  MpT protocol log file analyzer.  
MR0317.ZIP    Megareader 3/17/91. the megamail system  
MRUN109.ZIP   MAIL/RUN 1.09 Write date of last NET/mail run 
MSGFAX12.ZIP  Automates Faxing of *.Msg's.  
MSGOBJ10.ZIP  Docs API for Pip Message Base.  
MSIRIP.ZIP    Press Release From Mustang Software. 
MSI_151.ZIP   Mustang Release of Upgrades to Qmpro OLX. 
MT103SER.ZIP  Maxtools Serial File.  
MUFUS39N.ZIP  Microfusion MF30 terminal emulator w/TP5 src 
MULTFAX.ZIP   Run Class I FAX in a background DESQview window. 
MUTEX102.ZIP  PC to UNIX multitasking windowed comm. program 
MUTEX102.ZIP  PC to UNIX multitasking windowed comm. program 
MXLITE17.ZIP  Easy to Use Communications Program Protocols. 
MYCMM122.ZIP  MyComm v1.22: small, yet powerful, comm prog. 
MYCMM201.ZIP  Mycomm v2.01 Full Featured Comm Program.  
MYCMM211.ZIP  MyComm v2.11 powerful yet small with Zmodem support. 
MYCOMM10.ZIP  MyComm v1.0: small, yet powerful, comm pgm. 
NCBUSY.ZIP    v1.0 Utility to place your modem "off hook." 
NEWPROT2.ZIP  Replacement Protocol.ctl for Maximus 2.01Wb. 
NINF402.ZIP   Netinfo Bug Fix for Automagically Collection. 
NMODM218.ZIP  NModem v 2.18 data transfer protocol  
NMODM236.ZIP  NModem protocol driver w/MNP and 16550 support 
NULLNODE.ZIP  Connect to TriBBS with a null modem cable. 
OBS072.ZIP    Amsat Orbital Elements.  
OBS114.ZIP    Amsat Orbital Elements.  
ODY15.ZIP     ODYSSEY 1.5 Powerful Comm Program.  
ODY150SH.ZIP  Odyssey v1.50 Multithreaded comm prog w/MNP 
ODYSSEY.ZIP   Odyssey Comm Program. Shareware Version.  
OFFLI154.ZIP  Offline the QWK Offline Reader.  
OFU102.ZIP    Opus Filename Updater for Opus 1.7+.  
OLX_TD.EXE    Offline Express--Replacement SLMR.  
OPDX102.ZIP   Ohio-PA Packet Cluster DX Bulletin.  
OPDX103.ZIP   Ohio-PA Packet Cluster DX Bulletin.  
OTTO.ZIP      Otto V1.5. Lets You Automate Communications. 
OTTO11.ZIP    Otto v1.1: automates virtually any task.  
OZBII22B.ZIP  OZBEXT II v2.2B: external protocol module.  
OZPR12.ZIP    Processes Ozcis Catalog Files. 
PAGE101.ZIP   PAGEMATE v1.01 Dial another phone  
PAGE30.ZIP    Pagemate Telecom Util. Pager Msgs Modem.  
PAKET51.ZIP   Packet Radio terminal program v5.1.  
PANTHER2.ZIP  Panther 2.0: Freeware communications program 
PAVT150.ZIP   v1.50 Add Avatar, Ansi, Etc Emulations.  
PBILL20.ZIP   Phone Bill V2.00 Analyses Logfiles on Phone Costs. 
PCAMOD.ZIP    PC-Anywhere 4.X New Modem Drivers. 
PCB145MD.ZIP  Latest PCBModem  
PCCP019.ZIP   Communications package. Terminal emulator 
PCCP038.ZIP   Terminal emulator w/script processor, host  
PCFASDOC.ZIP  Fastdoc 2.0 converted for PCPlus 1.1x.  
PCFDL105.ZIP  TSR phone dialer,pluck numbers from screen. 
PCKERM21.ZIP  External Kermit protocol for COMM programs 
PCPABLE.ZIP   Checks if you are calling a PC Pursuit city 
PCPCHEK6.ZIP  Check number's accessibility via PC-Pursuit. 
PCREMOT2.ZIP  PC Magazine util for remote access to your PC 
PCT214A.ZIP   Realtime Satellite Tracker With 3D Graphics. 
PD7.ZIP       Hayes-compatible modem dialer for voice calls 
PDL31.ZIP     Prodigy Download v3.1, Supports delayed d/ls 
PDL315.ZIP    Utility for Prodigy Financial Data Downloads. 
PDL316.ZIP    D/l quotes from Prodigy.  
PDL322.ZIP    Download Stocks From Prodigy. 
PEAK14K.ZIP   Set Courier HST modem to optimum NRAM settings 
PEAKHST.ZIP   EXE program to set up/tune HST dual standard 
PEMAIL10.ZIP  TSR E-Mailbox.  
PEM_TSR.ZIP   Personal-E Mailbox TSR Email Program.  
PF270.ZIP     Port Finder v2.70: displays computer type.  
PGP22.ZIP     Latest Pretty Good Privacy Executables.  
PGP22SRC.ZIP  Latest Pretty Good Privacy Source Files.  
PHONRING.ZIP  Monitor modem for ring, beep via computer 
PHUNUSR.ZIP   How to get a good deal on USRobotics modems 
PHVN0004.ZIP  Protocol Heaven for WILDCAT Q-Modem.  
PHVN0005.ZIP  "Protocol Heaven" version 5.0.  
PICKUP14.ZIP  Written in SALT to enhance your Telix program. 
PILOTV2.ZIP   Comprehensive BBS and Terminal Commun Program 
PILOTV25.ZIP  Pilot version 2.5. A very good comm program. 
PIP200.ZIP    Editor Mail Processor for Pip Message Base. 
PIPELN10.ZIP  TSR connects COM1 and COM2 serial ports 
PIT352_A.ZIP  ANSI terminal program v3.52.  
PKX35A35.EXE  PKXARC Archive Programs  
PMCOM109.ZIP  PMComm telecommunications for OS/2 1.x 2.x. 
PMCOM211.ZIP  Version 2.11 of PMCOMM communications program. Shareware ver 
PMOPGUID.ZIP  Description of modem initialization codes 
POINT156.ZIP  Ppoint Professional Point System.  
PORTID.ZIP    Tells you what port your modem is on. 
POSTLINK.ZIP  Configure Script Files for Combrain Postlink. 
POWER.ZIP     Text file explaining how to be a power user. 
POWERI.ZIP    POWERNODE vI Adds 6-9 protocols to comm pkg 
PP144SY2.ZIP  Practical 14.4k modem Sysop deals Exp. 9/30 
PP3SHARE.EXE  MicroStar Ltd's NAPLPS terminal program.  
PPIII.ZIP     Microstar NAPLPS terminal comm program  
PPLZH25G.ZIP  (Atari ST/TT) Huffman Compression Engine.  
PPV17UP.ZIP   Information on Chipset upgrade for PP14400FXSA 
PRIVACC.ZIP   PC shares phone line with FAX/answer machine 
PRM307.ZIP    Pro-master V3.07. Enhancer for Prodigy Software. 
PROCOM21.ZIP  Procomm 2.01 New Modem.dat, PCinstal.EXE. 
PROD21.ZIP    Spelling Dictionary to use with Prodigy.  
PRODBOCA.ZIP  Set up a Boca 14.4 V.32 EXTERNAL for Prodigy. 
PROM0406.ZIP  ProMenu - external protocol shell 
PROM302.ZIP   Promaster v3.02 Prodigy utility  
PROM304.ZIP   PRO-MASTER: A Prodigy Enhancer.  
PROPORT.ZIP   Run another pgm from modem editor shellout 
PR_RA20G.ZIP  Protocol.ra, External Protocol Setup.  
PR_RA2G2.ZIP  Protocol.ra, External Protocol Setup.  
PSMN12.ZIP    Use images and sculpted 3D screens for PS2. 
PTQWK_B2.ZIP  Ptqwk Mail Door v1.00b2 for Superbbs.  
PVTS109.ZIP   Private Secretary v1.09-Phone Monitor.  
QAT10A.ZIP    QuickAT v1.0; Quick/Fast/Small Modem Utility 
QB1SVW.ZIP    Genie Adjunct: Allows you to play Genie's QB. 
QBCOMM33.ZIP  A great comm program that is Desqview aware 
QBSER21.ZIP   QBSerial routines (COMM routines for QB/PDS) 
QCOM281.ZIP   QCom v2.81 compact communications.  
QCOM290.ZIP   New release of QCOM compact terminal program 
QCOM292.ZIP   Latest Version of Qcom Term Program.  
QCOM293A.ZIP  QCom v2.93 compact communications program.  
QCOM293B.ZIP  QCOM v2.93b. A compact communications pgm.  
QFE42.ZIP     Q-Modem "FON" book Editor  
QKTAG10A.ZIP  On-line file tagger and calculator.  
QKTERM2.ZIP   QKTerm v2.0, Scrabble players term program  
QKTERM42.ZIP  Term pgm for the SCRABBLE DOOR.  
QM5KEY.ZIP    Use cursor keys w/fse in WC! via Qmodem5  
QMGATE12.ZIP  Qmodem Pro Script for Mci and Cis Access. 
QMLOG100.ZIP  Reports QM log file stats to file/msg  
QMMD0793.ZIP  Qmodem MDF Modem Def File 7/93 Update. 
QMMDF816.ZIP  Quick Config Modem Config File.  
QMP150.ZIP    Patch for Qmodempro Ver. 1.X Releases. 
QMP15INF.ZIP  List of Changes Made to Qmodem Pro In V1.5. 
QT541.ZIP     Easy to use menu-driven comm pgm w/XModem prot 
QTALK541.ZIP  Q-talk v5.41 small communications program  
QVT374.ZIP    VT220 terminal emulator with file xfer 
QWKM010B.ZIP  Qwkmerge allows combination of several .qwk 
RACE200.ZIP   Janke's Remoteaccesscallereditor for RA 2.  
RAPC21.ZIP    Ra2 Personnel Checker v2.1.  
RATPAK20.ZIP  A Bundle of Small Sysop Utilities for Ra.  
RAXS101.ZIP   R.emote A.ccess X.itinfo S.plitter for Ra.  
RBCOM341.ZIP  RBcomm: lean and mean DESQview-aware comm prg 
RCMD20.ZIP    RemoteCommand:Doorway for remote drops to DOS 
RECORD12.ZIP  Description Record12 (.Pak).  
RECORD20.ZIP  Record v2.0 Auto record SALT scripts for Telix. 
REMCTL58.ZIP  TSR, remote control computer's answer mode 
REMFAX.ZIP    MVRFAX 1.00 Free Utility for ZyXEL Modems. 
REPLY.ZIP     Point-n-shoot enhancer for ol mail readers. 
RFAX13.ZIP    RainbowFAX LTD: Color fax without a fax card 
RIPTM154.ZIP  Ripterm V1.54. Terminal Program for Viewing Rip Graphics. 
RM506BSP.ZIP  Zyxel S+ Rom Upgrades (Beta Version) S+ Model Only. 
ROBO40_A.ZIP  R-O-B-O-C-O-M-M Version 4.0 (File 1 of 2)  
ROBO40_B.ZIP  R-O-B-O-C-O-M-M Version 4.0 (File 2 of 2)  
ROBOCLAS.ZIP  Text file of the class on RoboCom  
ROBOM12U.ZIP  Robomail 1.0 to 1.2 Upgrade Kit. 
ROBOTERM.ZIP  Roboterm v3.0 ANSI/ASCII terminal program.  
ROBO_HSL.ZIP  Batch files for simultaneous REP/QWK transfer 
ROBQUO02.ZIP  Rob's Quoter v0.2 Small/Fast quoter; any BBS 
RS204.ZIP     Displays RS-232 serial port status 
RS232OF2.ZIP  Fix port conflicts, turns off all 4 COM ports 
RSHLLGEO.ZIP  For Geoworks ensemble's Geocomm  
RT153_54.ZIP  Patch File to Update Ripterm Upgrade V1.53 to V1.54. 
RUE_200.ZIP   (V2.00) Remote User Editor for Superbbs.  
RUS_COMM.ZIP  Cyrillic editor with modem communication 
RVS110.ZIP    Rview Shell v1.10 Shell for Rview.  
SAFFRON.ZIP   Demo version of SAFFRON File Transfer Program 
SALES35N.ZIP  Online Sales Door, Shows Pcx, Need Sl_pcx12. 
SCOPE140.ZIP  Software RS-232 serial communications  
SCR103.ZIP    New PC Communications program from Britain 
SCR104A.ZIP   Communications program with scripts.  
SCRMGR.ZIP    Low-level script manager creation engine.  
SDIAL501.ZIP  StarDial v5.0, Starlink Dialing utility.  
SDPD101D.ZIP  Streamline Design Digiboard Protocol Module Version 1.01d. 
SDPDL11D.ZIP  Streamline Design (Lite) Digi Protocol Module Version 1.01d. 
SDPL101D.ZIP  Streamline Design (Lite) Protocol Module Version 1.01d. 
SEDIT270.ZIP  Menueditor for Sbbs. Supports Wysiwyg.  
SENDCOM2.ZIP  Send string or file to communication port  
SERIAL.AQM    Serial/COMM port driver (squeezed) 
SERINT.AQM    Interrupt-driven serial port driver 
SFC33.ZIP     Transfer files from serial to serial port.  
SFUED112.ZIP  Stormfront User Editor v1.12 for Opus 1.7X+. 
SHGIF55E.ZIP  Allows Viewing Gif's as You Download Them.  
SHIPSHOR.ZIP  Coastal Ship Shore Frequencies and Sked.  
SIMPCOM3.ZIP  SIMPCOM v3.0 Simple Comm and Terminal program 
SINBETA.ZIP   A new X-Fer protocol, DOS functions.  
SKHST105.ZIP  Super8K HST v1.05 FAST transfer protocol 
SKHST105.ZIP  Super8K HST v1.05 FAST transfer protocol 
SKHST106.ZIP  SuperK HST protocol engine. 24 protocols!!  
SLHEAD20.ZIP  Add custom headers to your SLMR reply's.  
SLICK54.EXE   Modem terminal program. Easy setup  
SLICK54.ZIP   Easy to set up but powerful modem terminal. 
SLICK57.ZIP   Slick Terminal v. 5.7 small comm program.  
SLICK64.ZIP   Slick Modem Program Version 6.4. 
SLICKUNP.ZIP  The Unprotect For The Slick Terminal Program. 
SMART400.ZIP  Using Smartcomm Software with Intel 400 Modems. 
SMODEM.ZIP    Send A String to Modem From Command Line. 
SMODMCFG.ZIP  Sample Modem Configurations.  
SMTV11A.ZIP   Script Modem Terminal v1.1. Full Scripting. 
SORTFON.ZIP   A Simple, Free Utility for Sorting the Dialing Directory. 
SORTTLX.ZIP   Move directory listing.  
SPC3.ZIP      LiteSPC v3.00 Capture Serial Port Data.  
SPEED110.ZIP  QWK mail reader; very good.  
SPHM10.ZIP    Salt Programming Hypertext Manual v1.0.  
SPORSTRX.ZIP  This is a List of Settings for Users.  
SPSTRP10.ZIP  Command Line Uuencoded File Preprocessor. 
STARDIAL.ZIP  STARDIAL Standalone AutoDialer for Star Link 
STATUS11.ZIP  Generate mail status bulletin for Postlink. 
SUB100.ZIP    Submover v1.00 Move Messages Based To/From. 
SUB40.ZIP     A Robocomm add-on to change file extensions on Files. 
SUNCOM.ZIP    Turbo Pascal v5.5 communications program 
SUNCOM.ZIP    Turbo Pascal v5.5 communications program 
SUNOU332.ZIP  Calculate Sun Outages for Satellite Receivers 
SUPRAHLP.ZIP  Text File with Help for Suprafax Modems and Line Noise. 
SUPRAUP.ZIP   Info on Suprafax V32bis Modem Rom Upgrade.  
SUPRINFO.ZIP  Latest Help Texts From Supra Corp BBS. 
SUPZBATS.ZIP  How to Set Up Szmodem V2.0 (Szmodem.Exe). 
SYSDEAL.ZIP   Sysop discount deal from US Robotics. 921111 
SYSMOD20.ZIP  Money-Saver Sysop Modem Discounts.  
SYSMOD22.ZIP  Money-saver Sysop Modem Discounts Report #22 
SYSOFFER.ZIP  Compucom's sysop offer for new 9600 bps modem 
SZMODMSE.ZIP  Logitech mouse support for SZModem protocol 
SZSUP200.ZIP  Supplemental Utilities For Szmodem 2.00.  
TAG110B.ZIP   TAGFILE v1.10 batch uploading tagging utility 
TAG151.ZIP    Tag! Menu-driven util w/fast, easy tagging  
TAG15106.ZIP  The ultimate file tagging program v1.51.06. 
TAGMIKES.ZIP  List of Over 80 Taglines.  
TAGS3.ZIP     Some Good Taglines.  
TASS35.ZIP    The Answering Service Software v3.5  
TB025.ZIP     TurboBoard v0.25-Asynchronous communication 
TBHV2_0.ZIP   Find Best Bargains when playing TRADEWARS V1 
TBRD040.ZIP   The 1st true NAPLPS bbs/Terminal program.  
TCAN20.ZIP    Telecommunications program.  
TDD56.ZIP     Terminal for hearing/speech impaired users 
TE2_110C.ZIP  High Quality Shareware Comm Program For OS/2 
TEGA.ZIP      Fast ADM3A/SOROC term emulator up to 19200 bps 
TELSCAN.ZIP   Batch file to scan uploads for hostplus.  
TER100.ZIP    Terminate V1.0. the Final Terminal Program. 
TER50.ZIP     Terminate v5.0 Communications Program.  
TERM.ZIP      TSR interrupt-driven H19 terminal emulator 
TERM10E.ZIP   Generic PD terminal with source  
THOST300.ZIP  Small simple host program for modem call-ins 
THP100.ZIP    TinyHost Plus V1.00 Simple host program.  
THSHAM.ZIP    Ham Radio Packet Terminal Program  
TIMESY22.ZIP  Util which will set DOS real time clocks.  
TINYTERM.ZIP  Smallest comm program I've seen. Bare Bones 
TLXDLAXS.ZIP  Two SALT scripts for fast batch downloading. 
TLXTW200.ZIP  Telix Trade Wars 2002 v2.x Scripts version 2.0 
TM042.ZIP     TurMODEM NAPLPS comm terminal program.  
TM120.ZIP     Turbomodem Naplps Compatible Terminal Communications Program 
TMLINK.ZIP    The Missing Link v1.0, communications program 
TMOD710.ZIP   TModem protocol v7.10 fast external protocol. 
TMOD900.ZIP   Latest version of Tmodem.  
TMODM900.ZIP  TMODEM, fast file transfer protocol module 
TOOPHIDE.ZIP  TOOPWARE's TOOPHIDE hide/unhide files/dirs. 
TOTALTM2.ZIP  Totaltm v2.0, totals the elapsed online time 
TPLZH025.ZIP  Huffman Compression Engine V0.25.  
TR3_20.ZIP    Control a PC from remote.  
TR4_23.ZIP    v4.23 Remote PC communications control.  
TR4_26.ZIP    Operate PC from a remote location, or monitor 
TRIBBS31.ZIP  Tribbs, Small-Powerful Easy to Maintain BBS. 
TRM20.ZIP     Technical reference manual for Hayes modems 
TSET72.ZIP    Timeset V7.20: Set Your Pc's Clock.  
TSRCOM30.ZIP  TSRCOM version 3.0  
TSRCOMM.ZIP   TSR serial device driver 
TS_50QRP.ZIP  Reduce TS-50 Power to Qrp Standards.  
TT20.ZIP      TurboTerm 2.0 Telcom program.  
TTY.ZIP       Communication control written in Basic  
TURSHOW8.ZIP  Turboshow Naplps Compatible File V. 
TW2_1114.ZIP  Sherrick Morris Classic Trade Wars Door.  
TWVIEW88.ZIP  Trade Wars 2002 Universe Mapping Utility  
T_TERM.ZIP    TNT ITM v1.00 communications protocols  
UARTTY12.ZIP  Displays type of UART chip for all comm ports 
UPDOWN.ZIP    RBBS/TBBS 2.2 UL/DL protocol changer.  
UPLDR101.ZIP  Updates Uploader Name and D/L Count.  
URD101.ZIP    Remoteaccess User Registration Door, v1.01. 
USCRIPT.ZIP   Universal script file for telix. 
USRMAN.ZIP    USRobotics user manual, updated for v.32bis 
USRTRAD.ZIP   USRobotics trade-in offer on 9600 bps modems 
USRUPGRD.ZIP  Information on USRobotics Upgrade policy.  
USR_FAX.ZIP   Fax/Data modem Press Release from US Robotics 
UU161.ZIP     Ultimate Universe Ver 1.61. 
UUEXE515.ZIP  UUEncode/Decode pair from Richard Marks.  
UWPC201.ZIP   PCUnix multi-window comm pgm, w/server src 
UZ.ZIP        Automates routines you do on your d/l files. 
V42INTRO.TXT  Introduction to CCITT V.42  
V42USRGD.TXT  V.42 User's Guide For V-Series Modems.  
VCD10.ZIP     VCD 1.0 Enhanced CD utility for OS/2 DOS  
VFX004WB.ZIP  Votefix V0.04wb Elections by Net/Echomail.  
VISCOM.ZIP    Communication program, browse manual 
VIVA.ZIP      Correct Setting For The Viva 9642e Modem.  
VMG30.ZIP     Voiceman V3.0. Term Program with Built in Fax and Voice. 
VTBAN.ZIP     PC script for Banyan Vines 4.x/Ven-Tel 9600 
WAKE_UP.ZIP   Use Your Modem to Give Yourself Wake-up Call. 
WEAKLNK1.ZIP  Latest version of The Weak Link I.  
WHATIS23.ZIP  What Is It!? V2.3: file identification pgm. 
WHATL275.ZIP  Use 1 phone for modem, FAX, and voice calls 
WHTLN20.ZIP   Allows you to use multiple comm hardware 
WHTPRT40.ZIP  Displays system serial ports & IRQ assignments 
WINPHN10.ZIP  Comma delimited ASCII phone list viewer  
WIZLINK1.ZIP  Communications interface for Sharp's WIZARD  
WIZTERM.EXE   Compact terminal program and easy to use.  
WTERM110.ZIP  Bare Bones Communication, All Thats Needed. 
WXMD100I.ZIP  Public domain WXMODEM protocol driver 1.00i 
WXMD100R.ZIP  Wxmodem v1.00r, 4/91. public domain version. 
WXMDM108.ZIP  WXModem protocol file transfer module, v1.08 
WXTRM305.ZIP  Terminal program for WXModem file transfers 
XFER57.ZIP    Shell adds multiple protocols to comm progs 
XFR54.ZIP     XFER v5.4 comm prog add-on for ext. protocol 
XNET101.ZIP   Extract Nets/Regions/Zones from Raw Nodelis. 
XPC.FRM       Order form for getting X.PC files on disk 
XPC401.ZIP    X.PC v4.00+ communications driver, with source 
XPORT21A.ZIP  Transfer files via serial port.  
XR301OS2.ZIP  Xrobot 3.01 for OS/2 2.X (32-Bit).  
XRS502.ZIP    Xrs Offline Reader for 286-386-486 Computers. 
YKH121.ZIP    Japanese Vt320, Works w/Modems Decnet.  
YKH122.ZIP    Japanese VT320, req. VGA, uses modem & DECNET 
ZCH1778.ZIP   COMM v17,78 from Omen Technology, help files. 
ZCOM_10B.ZIP  ZCOM-1 v1.0b: Very Easy Comm Program.  
ZDIAL21.ZIP   Maintain Phone Database, Dial With Your Modem 
ZFAX223.ZIP   DOS FAX+voice util for ZyXEL modems. 
ZHINT77.ZIP   150+ ASCII Text Files for help with Modems. 
ZIP152.ZIP    ZIP v1.52: fast serial file transfer utility. 
ZIP161.ZIP    ZIP v1.61: fast serial file transfer.  
ZIPFS162.ZIP  Zip v1.62 Fast Serial File Transfer Util.  
ZIPIT.ZIP     Nice backup utility!  
ZLFLIP10.ZIP  Zenith MinisPort/TurbosPort swaps COM1&2  
ZOC102B.ZIP   Zap-O-Com Version 1.02 Beta. This GREAT Comm Program just ge 
ZOC110.ZIP    Zap-O-Comm PM terminal application for OS/2, version 1.10. N 
ZR245L1.ZIP   ZyRion v2.45, fast file transfer protocol.  
ZRION101.ZIP  ZyRion, windowed file transfer protocol driver 
ZUPGRADE.ZIP  Fax in form to upgrade your Zyxel Eproms to version 5.XX. 
ZUTIL_F2.ZIP  Utility program for voice on a ZyXEL modem 
ZUTSR100.ZIP  Identify voice calls to a BBS with ZyXEL modem 
ZVM124.ZIP    Zyxel Voice Mail V1.24. 

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