Teaching Kids Electricity with “Squishy Circuits”

Absolute Genius!

When most kids are taught electricity in 3rd and 4th grade science lab experiments, they are introduced to concepts using unfamiliar electrical components.  Most of these things have never been touched and they seem foreign and complicated. 

Like others, I believe that this causes a learning gap.  This gap has been completely obliterated by something I recently discovered: Squishy Circuits.

Detailed with video and recipes, this ingenious approach to turning kids on to the concepts of electricity using stuff they are familiar with – Play-dough!

That’s right!  Two types of play-dough – one that conducts (made with salt) the other that resists (made with sugar) and presto, you can build parallel and series circuits, dim lights, make switches, and so much more.

This concept brings electrical science to the level of the children to whom it is being taught.

Check out videos and more here!

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