Using tshark for Packet Voice

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As more and more of you are moving to Voice over IP, you will want to use Wireshark to do voice analysis.  But first, you may want to run a capture somewhere.  As many of you know, tshark is the command line version of Wireshark. Here are some usage examples for tshark and capture of packet voice:

tshark Objective tshark Command
Capture all SIP on specified port and switch files every hour tshark -nq -i eth0 -b duration:3600 -w /tmp/trace/sip.pcap port 5080
Filter on SIP and all RTP packets tshark -S -w capture.pcap -f “(udp port sip) or (udp[1] & 1 != 1 && udp[3] & 1 != 1 && udp[8] & 0x80 == 0x80 && length < 250)”
Filter on RTCP packets reporting any packet loss or jitter over 30ms tshark -i eth0 -o “rtp.heuristic_rtp: TRUE” -R ‘rtcp.ssrc.fraction >= 1 or rtcp.ssrc.jitter >= 240’ -V
Capture SIP, RTP, ICMP, DNS, RTCP, and T38 traffic in a ring buffer capturing 100 50MB files continuously: tshark -i eth0 -o “rtp.heuristic_rtp: TRUE” -w /tmp/capture.pcap -b filesize:51200 -b files:100 -R ‘sip or rtp or icmp or dns or rtcp or t38’
 Analyze a packet capture with SIP TLS on port 5061(replace A.B.C.D with appropriate IP address) tshark -o “ssl.desegment_ssl_records: TRUE” \
-o “ssl.desegment_ssl_application_data: TRUE” \
-o “ssl.keys_list: A.B.C.D,5061,sip,/opt/freeswitch/conf/ssl/agent.pem” \
-o “ssl.debug_file:/tmp/tshark.log” \
-i eth0 \
-f “tcp port 5061”
Analyze RTP events tshark -o “rtp.heuristic_rtp: TRUE” -R rtpevent
Analyze RTP Quality sudo tshark -q -f ‘udp portrange 16384-32768’ -o rtp.heuristic_rtp:TRUE -z rtp,streams

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