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Stopping and Changing the –More– Console Output Interrupt

One of the most annoying things in Cisco IOS is its old roots in the 23 line terminals.  Every 23 lines, you get a –More– pause, to which you have to hit the space bar to continue the output. 

2021 05 18 9 18 48

Now maybe this does not bother you.  Fine, move on to our next Cisco tip.

But if you use a more detailed display this can be annoying.

The simple way to fix this is:

term length 0
That command will essentially stop this –More– interrupt:
2021 05 18 9 22 21
OK – but that raises another issue, what if I do not want the output to scroll off the screen?  The answer is set the number of lines you want:
term length 60
Or to return the setting to default:
term length 23
Here you can see in the example below that I set the length to 60 which better fits my terminal window:
2021 05 18 9 26 44
I hope this helps and please read more tips on Cisco IOS classic.

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