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Learning the Network Science Fundamentals

Some of you know, that to master networking technologies you have to have a complete grasp of the fundamentals.  Furthermore, like any technology, if you don't review these fundamentals often, they can become a bit hazy in our memory. The question, then, is how can I come up to speed on the fundamentals?  And, how can I review these fundamentals?

The answer is easy:  We have created a Network Science Fundamental Operations Reference Book that is online and available any time you need it.

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Each chapter is dedicated to some fundamental network operation.  For example, there are chapters on:

  • The Layered Model of communications
  • ARP
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • ICMP
  • IP and Ethernet Multicast
  • CDP
  • Telnet
  • SSH
  • RIP
  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • and much more…

We leverage mininet, GNS3 and Wireshark tools, which you can easliy install and use yourselves.

To visit the reference book, click here.

To learn how to install GNS3, click here.

To learn how to install mininet, click here.

To get Wireshark, click here.

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