CSI-IL-013 – Understanding VXLAN

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Course Description:

As Data Centers have evolved and grown massively in size, solutions to limitations of the number of VLAN’s and issues with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) needed to be developed.  One such solution, VXLAN, delivers both an encapsulation and numbering schema that separates traffic way beyond the VLAN limits, and also brings a way to manage loops in Data Center Layer 2 (L2) environments such that looping issues do not exist.  Instead, rings in the L2 topology are leveraged to provide Equal Cost Multipath (ECM) routing of VXLAN traffic such that capacity is better utilized.  This course provides an overview of this technology in a short but intense 4 hours.cloud advL3Route

This advanced course is a combination of knowledge training, systems analysis, with hands-on demonstration exercises using Cisco routers and Cisco IOS, designed by CellStream consultants to bring the technician/engineer, who knows a about L2 switching and L3 routing, to a deeper understanding of  VXLAN itself. A combination of knowledge training, hands-on exercises, and hands-on experience through execution of Command Line interface to Cisco routing labs reveals the VXLAN functions in a swift, detailed, and understandable way.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of the course are to:

  1. Develop a “hands-on” knowledge skill set targeted at VXLAN networking in Data Centers
  2. Use and understand configurations options of the L3 routing protocols
  3. Use and configure fundamental properties of IP Multicast for VXLANs
  4. Use and configuration of VXLAN itself

These objectives are met by covering the necessary technical bases in a straight forward manner, by keep the content in context of the objectives – connecting the dots. Utilizing a short, subject specific architecture with exercises to drive home key points and Hands-On experience that reveal these points builds skills and knowledge based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Presentation is industry current and up-to-date using a technology specialists.


The target audience for this course is anyone in the telecommunications field that requires a solid and complete understanding of the fundamental operations of VXLAN’s in data center networking, and desires hands-on skills that can be applied to their job function. Ideal candidates are:

  • Data Center, Central Office Technicians, Engineers, and Supervisors
  • Operations individuals that will provide IP configuration and support services
  • Development Engineers that must know advanced VXLAN networking in order to provide hardware and software solutions
  • Network Design Engineers that need to understand advanced VXLAN services and applications
  • Network Management individuals that are providing element and network management tools
  • Network Administrators and IT professionals
  • Technical sales individuals that must be able to correlate features with functionality
  • Technical marketing individuals that want more than just a basic understanding of Advanced L3 Technologies
  • Certification Track individuals that need to expand their knowledge and studies

Course Prerequisites:

CellStream has designed this advanced course assuming students have advanced knowledge of OSPF and BGP routing protocols as well as L2 Ethernets.  This course does not provide any background on the operations of these protocols.

If you do not have this – we urge you to take our classes on BGP and OSPF.  You can find them here: https://www.cellstream.com/training/csicourses/43-ipv4-courses

Course Materials:

Students will be provided with a Course Student Guide. Also, topologies for a GNS3 based lab system will be provided. For more information on GNS3, look here: https://www.cellstream.com/component/tags/tag/gns3

Course Outline:

The course outline is as follows:

Section 1: Course Introduction/Logistics

Section 2: The Problems VXLAN Solves

Section 3: VXLAN Defined, Terminology, Encapsulation

Section 4: VXLAN Through the Eyes of Wireshark

Section 5: VXLAN Operations: Data Plane Learning

        DEMO/LAB: VXLAN Experiment #1

        DEMO/LAB: VXLAN Experiment #2

Section 6: VXLAN Operations: Control Plane Learning

        DEMO/LAB: VXLAN Experiment #3


Course Availability:

Contact us for schedule dates and times.

View the course calendar and browse for our schedule.


Course Description, Content, Outline, and Instructional Design are Copyright ©CellStream, Inc.


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