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What is the % signal in Windows Wireless?

I saw an interesting question recently that I thought I would offer up an answer to:

In Windows ‘netsh wlan show interfaces’, what does the signal % mean?

Here is an example (I have two wireless interfaces on my system – Wi-Fi is the built in wireless adapter, and Wi-Fi4 is an external adapter – cheap – literally $8 from Amazon):

2020 01 02 10 37 59

Windows (for some obscure reason) reports the signal level as a percent, not as actual dBm.  We have found various resources on the Internet that report there is a rough formula for this % to convert it to dBm.  The formula is:

(% number / 2) – 100 = dBm

Here is a resulting chart:

100%  -50dBm or better
90% -55dBm
80% -60dBm
70% -65dBm
60% -70dBm 
50% -75dBm
40% -80dBm
30% -85dBm
20% -90dBm
10% -95dBm or worse

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