A Better Default profile with Packet Diagram (for v3.4.0 and later)

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A Better Default profile with Packet Diagram (for v3.4.0 and later)

Most Wireshark users agree that the default profile is simply not good enough.

  • The default should be a profile that you can start troubleshooting from.
  • It should be a place where you can check off some important basics as you begin your evidence gathering.

My "better default" with Packet Diagram profile is just that.  This is essentially our Better Default profile with diagramming turned on.  It is great for explaining to others what is going on, helping them to viualize the packets while retaining the important and better default characteristics.

And we have not lost the important initial investigation steps at your fingertips - like time deltas, errors, and so much more.

Download this "Better Default with Packet Diagram" profile and if you like it, start your future profiles customization from this profile.  We think you will agree.

What's different?

1. We changed the view preferences to display the packet diagram.

2. We changed the colors to be more vivid and easier to distinguish.  Remember you can always disable color or modify these yourself.

3. We added the Time Delta column - a must for any future profile you might make.

4. We added the VLAN ID column - an essential starting place with L2 Ethernet

5. We added the L4 stream index column - again an essential starting place for TCP troubleshooting

6. We added custom display filter buttons for quickly finding packet comments, delta times greater than .25, .5 or .75 seconds, and much more.

Lastly we added our favorite Capture Filters as a starting point:

And our default set of display filters - again just a starting point:

Start using this Better Default with Packet Diagram profile right away and you will see, it is like the springboard for your troubleshooting and packet analysis.

What would you change?

What would you add?

Let us know.  We thank all who have contributed to this profile over the years.  Follow us on Twitter to receive notifications of updates to our profiles: @awalding and/or check us out on Github: https://github.com/amwalding/wireshark_profiles

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