Troubleshooting Device Drivers

Device drivers: which ones are running on your Windows Xp Professional System?? Here is how you find out: you can find detailed information about specific drivers being used in a Windows XP system by going to Device Manager, selecting the device from the list, and drilling down to the device’s properties sheet. While this technique is fine when you’re looking for information on one specific device driver, it’s not very efficient when you’re interested in information about a number of device drivers—it’s just too time consuming.

To ease the task of gathering information on a number of device drivers, you can use a tool called Driver Query (Driverquery.exe). When you run this tool, Driver Query provides you with a detailed list of all the device drivers installed on a local system, or on any system on a network—and using it is easy.

      Open a Command Prompt window. Start>Run>cmd


    Type Driverquery on the command line.

The results are displayed in a table format in the Command Prompt window. If you want to perform more detailed analysis, you can direct the Driver Query to save the results in a CSV file so you can open them in a spreadsheet application such as Excel. To do so, type the following on the command line:

Driverquery /v /fo csv > drivers.csv

Note: This tip applies only to Windows XP Professional.


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